A Nintendo Switch controller that fits adult hands

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I suspect I would miss motion controls, but I just can’t stomach the price of the Pro Controller.

You could get one second hand. It’s a nice controller, and Nintendo stuff is generally sturdy enough to survive several owners.

Gamecube controllers were the perfect controller.


For me, specifically, this one:

ETA I only bought one, back when it first came out, and it’s still working. Damned good controller.

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I still have my original GC controllers. My kids use them all the time playing games through the original Wii.

I have a few of those as well. I just really like the Wavebird because it feels sturdier and it was cordless at a time when almost nothing was cordless.

I may try one. It’s much cheaper than the original GC controllers.

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Wow. They are significantly cheaper. How is the range and reliability?

I haven’t broken mine out in awhile, but I never had problem with range or reliability. The dongle that you insert into the controller slot on the Gamecube has a dial that you need to set to match a similar dial on the Wavebird. If you accidentally change the dial on the Wavebird, the controller will lose connection, but that’s not easy to do.

Batteries last well too.

Seriously, I love mine.

Also, I did not buy it from the site I linked to; that just happened to be the first place I found it when looking for a link to post, so I can’t speak to their trustworthiness.

ETA: I played through Eternal Darkness multiple times while using it, and never had a (real) problem.

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