Use VR to travel through a duck's amazing vagina


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Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?

I’m pretty sure that duck willy oddity follows duck hoo-hah weirdness, not the other way around.


“The inside of a duck feels a bit claustrophobic…” is a sentence to be long remembered.


No, I’m fine. Thanks for the suggestion, though! :slight_smile:


Uh… …no.



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Who knew that Donald and Daisy were so… kinky.






Well, um, thankyou for bringing this serving of duck peeking, directly to our table…


Hard pass.


What a time to be alive…


Yeah, but doesn’t sound like as much fun as “Blasters of the Universe”.

btw: is that why sex is called “screwing”?


I know you can’t see the turkey from there, but where’s the chicken?


These type of videos all look the same. Put a camera through a ham sandwich and it would yield a result not much different than a ducky v-jay video.


Yet again, science-fiction lets us down. As far as I know, not one single leading SF writer predicted that by 2018 we would be able to explore the interior of a lady duck’s love chasm in glorious VR. Not one! (*)

(*) OK, maybe Philip K. Dick had something to say on the matter, and maybe I’m revealing my ignorance of his works by being so insistent on this point. But I bet that no one else even touched on the topic at all.


It’s a real case of which came first…

Just wait until it’s the middle layer of a turduken.

Right? If our forefathers could see us now. Why, to have the same experience back then would have required a hatchet, squinting, and the eternal silence of your loved ones.


Bah, VR will never replace the real experience!


“Use VR to travel through a duck’s amazing vagina”


If I every decide to be a DJ I think I will be Ducky V-Jay now.