Useful $14 drafting set with a beautiful tin




It does seem to be the most useful thing shown…


Ah, you betray your youth with that comment.

I can recall a few … well, a good many years ago being disappointed in early September that last year’s “geometry set” was still intact and usable, and that I wouldn’t have to buy a new one.


Is this a premium item now? I remember when it was more or less standard issue for schoolchildren in the U.K…


All British children own/ed one of these. I think they cost about $5 in the UK.


Indeed, the tin is nice, but I’ve found metal straightedges to be considerably superior to plastic. And compasses which used their own lead as opposed to gripping a pencil tended to be superior as well, albeit slightly inconvenient. At least the compass doesn’t use one of those finncky screw-locking mechanisms. Ah, memories.


Here in America every kid gets one of these:

It is height adjustable and grows with you into adulthood.


So how tall is the bear when the kid reaches adulthood?


Depends on how often and what you feed them.


The bear keeps growing, forever feeding on the regrets of your youth.


Imagine what she must of done.


Jason, if you like that tin, you might want to pick up a long-pack of Schimmelpenninck duets.

I keep a set of 20 or so needle files & their handle in mine.

The cigars are pretty good, too.


She’s a model, all they ever eat is the regrets of their youth.


Wow. In America, are the streets really paved with gold?


It’s also the most expensive part of the kit, ironically. Nothing shown is worth more than $0.40, retail. The mark-up on nostalgia, however, is obviously enormous…


Flimsy screw? A compass shouldn’t be flimsy-- thats why the arms are secured open with a screw.


“Why, yes, now that you mention it. I just happen to have a protractor right here.”


My ardor for you become ever more acute!


Nah, it’s fake gold leaf re-applied semi-annually. We’re not idiots, you know.


For maths teachers (sorry, math, I’m in the UK where the tin is sold) this is the worst thing a student can buy.
2 set squares and a stencil, none of which they need; a tiny pencil, when they need a decent HB for all their drawing; and a tiny ruler when they need 30cm (12 inches) for most construction work.
In UK exams, they are not allowed the tin, as all equipment must be in a clear pencilcase.
Shops sell it for anywhere between £4 and £10, while at my school for £2 ($3.41) we sell a large pencilcase with everything they do need, and it’s allowed in exams. It’s a fool parent who shells out for this retro rubbish.