Using actual vintage makeup to create a modern makeup look

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We are so spoiled with our contemporary cosmetics (Not that I mind!) but I do love that vintage packaging. For anyone curious, Besame is still making gorgeous lipsticks from original formulations and Pretty Vulgar has some mirrored-tray-on-the-vanity-worth packaging with excellent products.

Bonus geek knowledge: Peggy Carter’s lipstick is, according to Haley Atwell, Besame’s 1941 Victory Red.


I like the model’s expression in the Botany ad.

“7 am and hungover and I’m makin’ myself up for this stupid asshole.”


A lovely color which she wore very well!


Had me a Dawn Wells moment there, very pretty. There’s just some looks that are great without looking trashy.

As cool as the premise might be, I guess it’s my turn to play ‘Debbie Downer;’

Unless that makeup has been stored someplace dark and airtight for 7 decades, there’s no way I could trust it, personally.

Old cosmetics can harbor bacteria which is horrible for one’s complexion.


I’d also check the ingredients first.


Good point.

Isn’t she already wearing makeup at the beginning of the video?

Yeah. She mentions that shes put it on as a “barrier” to the really old products.
The orange shade is not that unique, but on her it suddenly makes the whole face look like one of those ads.

And…werent the ads colours of those times terrible? Everything basically looked red!

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