Using centrifuge tubes to organize hardware


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This reminds me that as a baby-boomer tike every dad had a row of baby-food jars attached to the underside of his garage-shop upper cabinets to hold small hardware. Similar to what you have done except using the plentiful detritus of the day.

Also, I wonder if this is what Iran had in mind for its centrifuge tubes?


I go old schooly with mason jars for the what nots in the work shed.


Cool idea! Better than the 2" plastic bags I use now.


Oh man. I am so disappointed. I saw the title and thought it was about using centrifuges to sort your jars of mingled junk.


Now I’m disappointed, too! That’s sounds so cool!


Yeah, the folks down at my bank were super pissed when I used the change machine to sort my screws by size and weight.


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