Using ranch dressing for bongwater is bad, but mouthwash is good


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Using ranch dressing for bongwater is bad

Did he base that recommendation on science in consideration with community standards and wishes?


It’s an amusing read but a tad frustrating because seems like things were picked out completely at random rather than actually using some kind of science to figure out what liquid will have the best effect at producing the cleanest bong rip.


You should use a liquid in which THC isn’t soluble, or else some of it’ll be absorbed and won’t reach your lungs. THC is fat- and alcohol-soluble, so obviously ranch dressing is bad, but so is mouthwash (well, not all mouthwash is alcoholic, but standard Listerine is). There are only two liquids that he tested that shouldn’t decrease the bong’s efficiency (and the whole point of bongs is efficiency): holy water and La Croix. In other words, just use water!


Been soaking the bong for years in Listerine, it really clears out the yucky smells.


Yes, I do find bong-soaked Listerine really does have a noticeable effect on my smelly breath.


When I get a new bong the virgin round is beer-filtered, and the bong-beer is ceremoniously chugged after the first cash. Just as god intended.



You’ve given me an idea for a weekend project. Thank you.


“Get in line, keep in time with the Drum and don’t forget you’re nothing yet but bongwater.”


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