Utah white minority claims gerrymandering protects from discrimination

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Trentadue argued Wednesday that it’s unfair that 47 percent of the population should have just one representative on the commission. “It does’t pass the smell test,” he said.

Where as its “fair” if 50% of the population should have just one representative?

Do we even have to respond to these people?


Sadly they don’t just seem to go away.


“When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”


This argument brought to you by the Board Of Rich White People Sad They Can’t Run Everything Forever However They Want, who you may know from other arguments such as “It’s actually racist to prevent public universities from admitting only rich white kids”, and “Slavery was actually good for black people”.


See, if the word unfairly wasn’t in there, I’d probably agree with that.

I mean, democratic voting has always been about majority rule. That’s fair, at least as fair is defined under such systems.


Shelby said it would have to show a long-standing discrimination against white voters.

What, it’s not obvious to the courts that whites are the most oppressed group in America? Don’t these judges get their news from Fox and Breitbart like Real Americans™ do?


As I understand it, part of the justification for gerrymandering is that it helps give minorities a voice. Within a few years, Hispanics could outnumber Caucasians in Texas and I suspect gerrymandering will be used to make sure minority groups (ie white people) have a voice.

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Or not even one in some cases, by the sounds of it. Yeesh.



Not really to add to the debate, but just a concern . . . Those maps all state “XX% of Navajo”. While 50% of the county is Native, Utes make up a pretty good chunk of that population. Odd that they’re not mentioned.


And constitutional democracies protect the rights of everyone. Only so much as the public supports his concept in the ebb and flow of power.

What needs to be addressed in US politics is one side trying to work for the greater good, while the other acts with open malignancy towards their fellow citizens.

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The older i’ve gotten my empath has developed to the point where projection has shown me just how truly vile many peoples intent is. You can get them to show it very quickly if you feign passivism in the first interactions.


So why not solve the problem by restructuring the county from three districts to two or four???

It depends how you do it. More people voted for the opposition parties who have seats in the UK House of Commons earlier this year than voted for the Tories and DUP.

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Unironically? I’m looking forward to caucasions becoming a minority across america…

I am too, but as with this case in Utah, I’m not looking forward to how a lot of them will react to it.


Oh that’s a given. Even here where i live a bunch of people going ‘us white christians are a minority!’

Me: No we’re Noooooooooot.


You know, I wonder how long before people just answer ‘yes’ to that, either because they think that the minorities should be ground under the boot-heel of the mighty or because they think that, yep, minorities are being treated like crap and they’d prefer it to be someone else.

The political chaos devouring the planet right now is making certain people rather honest.



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