Uvalde mayor resigns "abruptly"

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There’s a typo in the title: major → mayor


That one really confused me. I thought, “Wait, you could attain the title of “major” in that pathetic police department? That kind of advanced military cosplay just adds even more insult to injury.”


Military titles like sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, and even colonel, are pretty common in police departments in the US. But yeah, this is clearly a typo. That being said, I suspect the militarization of the police in the US is a factor in what’s going on here. The police often view themselves as the ultimate authority in towns like this, rather than the mayor or city council, and I think these military ranks contribute to that. You have a chain of command in the military, and in the case of these police departments, the top of that chain seems to be the Chief of Police, rather than the mayor or city council. Yet another argument for defunding the police. Fire everyone and start over, like they did in Camden, New Jersey. Not that that’s fixed all of their problems, but it did enable them to make some real reforms.


Sometimes an unexplained resignation is the first hint of a deeper scandal which insiders can tell is now uncoverable but has yet to be exposed…


People there aren’t happy with the findings of that ‘investigator’ they hired…

…investigator Jesse Prado — who ultimately cleared all Uvalde police officers of wrongdoing in a shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead — had no active shooter training over the course of his 20 years with the Austin (Texas) Police Department.

Emphasis mine, btw…

NEVER have cops investigate other cops!
WTF were they expecting?

‘Medical concerns’… yeah, I’ll bet he is sick of having to deal with the whole thing.

“Nice town you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.”
“Or to you…”

Just try to rein them in and see what happens.


I wonder if the Pinkertons would take the job? On the one hand it’s not siding with the powerful; but on the other hand it’s putting down uppity union labor…

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Or Blackwater [or whatever TF they call themselves these days].

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