Uvalde, TX elementary school shooting: conspiracy trolls say it's a "psy-op"

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I suspect that these people are not…unduly burdened…by self-reflection; but it seems like the more time you have to spend dismissing inconvenient counterexamples as products of some esoteric conspiracy the more concerned you should be about the viewpoint you are defending.

One cannot entirely dismiss the possibility of conspiracy and false flags; there are documented examples(though none related to school shootings are known); but positing a more or less constant drumbeat of well organized, well concealed, conspiracies is really getting into areas best resected by occam’s razor.


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According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 213 Mass Shootings (4 or more victims, not including the shooter) in the US this year. That’s 213 Mass Shootings in 145 Days.


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