"Vaccine," in honor of Dolly Parton's research funding

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That’s the Moderna vaccine. I see why spellcheck didn’t catch it.


As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Dolly as a person, performer and humanitarian!

Just remember this is not a one off. She has a long history of giving back to the public.

Then there is giving Porter Wagoner a piece of the royalties from “I Will Always Love You” The best resignation letter ever written! (learned that one from Drunk History)


She’s a national treasure.


I’d say Dolly is an international treasure.


Came to note that. Glad you corrected it here, but … you cannot edit your posts?

Not after publishing.

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How odd. Others can - and do. Perhaps you have to be an ‘editor’. Hey-ho.

She’s not just funding it. She’s approving it. A conversation:

“I won’t take any Covid vaccine! It’s a trick of the big drug companies and big government!”

But won’t you please take Dolly Parton’s vaccine?”

“Dolly Parton,?”

“She paid this drug company a million dollars so they could make it. She wants everyone to stop getting sick!”

“Well, if this is Dolly Parton’s vaccine…sure.!”


How remarkable is the distinct difference between a Dolly Parton and a Donald Trump.


In the ramp up to its release, I want a publicity blitz calling this a “Dolly Shot”, urging people to talk about it in proud tones as part of your civic responsibility.

I want WWII-style propaganda posters everywhere of happy people with rolled up sleeves sitting with their friendly doctor, needle in hand, with a big headline: “DID YOU GET YOUR DOLLY SHOT?”

Banner ads of employees returning to work with band-aids on their shoulders: “A DOLLY SHOT GETS YOU BACK TO 9 TO 5!”

Commercials running on CBS and Fox News prime time with able-bodied grumpy seniors talking while walking their dogs:
“Everyone I know is getting this vaccine, so why should I?”
“Because Dolly would.”


A real hero, I mean I’d like to think all other millionaires billionaires are donating money TO STOP AN INSANE DISEASE SPREAD, but haven’t heard about anyone else



After long thought and much reflection, I have decided to modify one of my most important life maxims: “There is only one perfect human being who has ever lived, and his name was Fred Rogers.”

Today, there is a new maxim: “There are only two perfect human beings who have ever lived. One was Fred Rogers, and the other is Dolly Parton. Very different people, but both solid gold from top to bottom.”


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