Valerie Plame tweets antisemitic article


Never going to able to watch Fair Game the same way:

She’s now walking it back:


So Jews are as dangerous as rat poison and “neocons”==Jews? Got it, Valerie.


Please make the hateful-stupid stop…


She’s supposed to be one of the good ones, too. Real disappointing. At least she seems to have owned up to her screw up and hopefully this will in the end turn out to be an honest mistake.


She must have lightly skimmed that article without reading where it was going at all, wow.


When the actual title was “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars”, you’d hope she’d think “I’d better read this real carefully before recommending it.”


Plame outed herself as an ethically questionable idiot the second she started that crowdfunded let’s-buy-Twitter scam.

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