Van Gogh's missing ear "regrown" as art


Now we need to find a descendant of his mistress and mail it to her.

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So an “ear” that belongs to “Van Gogh” was “regrown” as “art”.

Unless you want to get technical - in which case some cartilage was cultured from cells that belong to a distant living relative of Van Gogh and shaped to resemble a vague estimate of what some people think was the shape of Van Gogh’s missing ear, as a way of suckering money out of people who believe that competitively buying and selling random mundane curiosities as a form of status symbol constitutes art and marks the participants as intelligent, sophisticated, and generally just superior to everyone else.

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leaving aside the fact that he didn’t cut off his entire ear – just slashed off the lower half – this is pretty cool.

That would make a fantastic album cover.

I’ve heard it said that a lot of lousy art sells at inflated prices because no one wants to miss out on investing in the next Van Gogh.

This is an even more transparent than usual attempt to cash in on the same phenomenon.

I suppose this could be creepier… somehow.

I’m looking forward to the rest of his amputated bits of celebrities regrown series. Next up, Jesus’ foreskin…

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Does the National Lampoon know about this?

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