Vancouver housing co-op rescinds family's apartment because unborn child is a girl


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“our reasons are so good you aren’t worthy of knowing what they are.”




I think I was 6 before I finally stopped sharing a bed with my little sister… maybe it was 5. Anyway, I turned out fine.

ETA - naw I must have been like 8 or so as my dad build another room on the house and my brother would have had to been at least 2 before sharing a room with him.


More like: “Give us some time to come up with reasons other than that, so we don’t get our asses handed to us, if it goes to arbitration.”


The moral of the story: If somebody starts questioning the sex of your children with more than idle curiosity/politeness, prepare to do what’s needed to protect them.


Lie. Everytime.


This family has dodged a bullet, because if you think this is a horrible discrimination scenario, just think what fresh, catty hell awaits a family that actually qualifies to live in their happy hippie co-op utopia.

You DO NOT want to live in a housing co-op or any other kind of intentional housing. Because people suck. And invariably there will be bickering about who’s not doing their share of gardening and upkeep, or the siding (which is always installed improperly in rainy climates) will need to be replaced and bickering ensues over who’s paying what, and a million other scenarios create huge resentment, and the bickering invariably leads to warring factions with Lord of the Flies overtones. And often this horror is exacerbated by some bearded guy named Dandelion who makes sexual advances on everyone.


Oh, you know Dandelion too.


My friend just sold her house so she and her boyfriend could move into a co-op housing situation. He’s done it plenty times before and does well in that situation.

She, on the other hand… well, lets say she needs plenty of space from people and finds it hard to say “no”. I wish her the best but me thinks there might be a bumpy road ahead.


Yeah, that Dandelion. He’s everywhere. Just like Savoir Faire.


a policy (derived from nonbinding recommendations from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) that children over five couldn’t share a room if they were of different genders.

Methinks the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation are a bunch of fucking idiots.


My dad shared a room with his little sister till he was drafted.


I used to believe that homeowner’s associations were the worst… I stand corrected.


Girls have cooties.

Everyone knows that.


…until they found out the sex of their unborn baby.
…children over five couldn’t share a room if they were of different genders.

Sex and gender aren’t the same thing. Nobody knows the gender of their infant children. What other excuses have you got?


Summarizing the lawyer’s comment:

“The board’s lawyer responded, saying the co-chair… [was] a new volunteer who was clearly overwhelmed…”

The co-chair is an overwhelmed volunteer who cannot represent said co-op. Whooooboy.


My son and daughter have shared a room for over 7 years. Prior to that they shared a womb for nine months. I imagine I’ll probably need to put up a divider curtain sooner or later but it’s unlikely we’re going to be able to afford a bigger house in San Francisco any time in the immediate future.

Where do these people get the idea that this is inherently harmful to children? That’s how most families have lived for most of human history. Are they just watching too much Game of Thrones and think boy/girl siblings are just one shared bedroom away from going Lannister?


My friend, EVERYONE knows Dandelion


Whether we want to or not…


Um… What?