Vandals reportedly spray-painted apology for racist graffiti

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“Not hate, just…” vandalism? Was that it? But it’s apology vandalism, so that’s fine, I guess.

What in the fuck is happening?


It would be great if apology vandalism became a thing. Anything to make the world a little weirder!


While I appreciate the sentiment, the guy who carved “Sorry I stabbed you” in my arm was kind of doing more harm than good.



When I was a young idiot (12-ish), we found some black spray paint and painted the snow at another kids’ house with swastikas, among other things. We had noooooooo idea how messed up that was, and I’ve been haunted by it ever since. I wish we had gone back with an apology.


The vandal’s mother made him or her apologize. :slight_smile:


Pat Brown would have never apologized.

Something tells me that this was a young person testing the limits, too. Maybe the parents figured it out and gave him an ear twisting, or maybe fear of the cops changed his mind.
Either way, I hope they give some serious thought to why it’s not cool, rather than just “not cool”.


Well the perpetrators mothers should be making them apologize. So it’s nice to see it happen.

Also I’m totally down with apology graffiti as well

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Yeah, I’m more in favor of apology repainting, tho. :thinking:


For those unfamiliar with the area, Klahanie is ground zero for upper-middle class entitlement. There are other communities in the Greater Seattle region that are worse, but Sammamish is pretty smug.


“First it was the word spray-painted ‘Sorry’, and then next to that there was another spray-paint — it was hard to read — that read, ‘Not hate, just’ something, and then another ‘Sorry.’”

OOH! I know this one, it’s “It’s heritage, not hate” right? That’s what always gets said with other hate symbols…

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In other news, a roving band of Canadian vandals has been spotted in King County, Washington.


conforming to the spirit of this article, you should have pissed the apology in the snow.

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Hateful graffiti turned into art, or at least a public display of creativity:

Well, I hope they got the grammar correct. It’d be a shame to force them to repeat it until they got it right.

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