Vandals wage war on San Francisco 'Little Free Library'


Mindysan33 cherish this time. Someday you’ll wake up and you’ll say, “Who’s that
old woman in the mirror?” And then she’ll punch you, and you’ll say,
“That’s not a mirror. That’s an open window.” What are we talking about
again? Eh.


I aspire to be Lillian one day.


We can all hope to be Lillian.



My brother is dealing with the same kind of thing with some benches at a local school’s outdoor classroom. He made this and was thinking of getting it laminated and made into a sign.

Which he fully expects would also be vandalized.


It might work just because the picture is looking at the viewer. Experiments have shown that pictures of someone looking at you can make you more honest. Do report back on his results!


I once sold someone a tiny concealable camera and a big fake camera. The plan was to hide the tiny camera and point it in the direction of the large fake one, so that when they came to vandalize the camera, they’d be caught on camera.


You need a third camera to point at the other two.


That’s a great way to get someone dedicated to destroying them, I guess?


I know that girl! She’s the president of the itty-bitty literary committee!


Was there a copy of Atlas Shrugged in it? If there was I could understand that.


It’s cameras all the way down, baby!


Yay for paywalled articles.

… and Christ, what a bunch of assholes for doing that. Go vandalize something that deserves it.


I almost want to force kids to read it before they get aroused by that cult in college and (vomits) beyond. Give them some context for what adult children believe in as they grow up.


I like this idea. A lot of people don’t seem to quite grok how small cameras can get now.


That area has been “awfully tony” for a long time. Solidly upper middle class anyway, which would be outright wealthy almost anywhere else in the country. Anyone trying to make an anti-gentrification statement on that block missed the boat several decades ago.


“What does the diary tell you that it doesn’t tell us?”
“It tells me, that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them!”


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