Vandals wage war on San Francisco 'Little Free Library'


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“awfully tony neighborhood”

Anti-gentrification crustpunks, I guess?

More the drunk fuck shit up get into fights variety than the activist Food Not Bombs sort…

Probably an unfair guess, but that’s not really the fratty techbro or nimby MO.


It’s maybe time to rig this little corner up as a honeypot to capture the vandals with photographic/video evidence; it’s probably a repeating crusade by the same cretins.


Look, I’m not saying the vandalism is justified, but people are sick and tired of getting shushed by that tiny librarian! Plus, she stopped me from getting to second base with a girl in the tiny art history section!


So little libraries are vandalized by unknown individuals and big libraries are vandalized by budget cutting politicians.

This is why we can’t have nice libraries.


And the world’s biggest library - the internet - is set upon by corporations and governments through restrictive laws and ridiculous lawsuits, spied on by intelligence agencies, and inhabited by entitled trolls.


As far as I know US American moral sensitivities it probably contained literature about highly suspect topics like evolution, other religions as evangelical christianity, vaccination, global warming or sex before marriage … no wonder someone saw the need to burn this down.


We didn’t start the fire…


Yes, the presence of “controversial” literature was my thought too.

I seem to recall in one of the previous discussions of these free libraries, someone found that a local installation had an unpleasant habit of being used as a urinal.


What if it was the other way around and people annoyed at “Christian” literature?

Let’s not fan the flames of a fire that isn’t necessarily there.

Most likely it is either bored kids (being San Francisco, probably well to do rich kids, which really are the worst), or a local who thinks it trashes up the place. Or some guy who just hates books. Or small cabinets.


The Anti-Knowledge movement is getting traction.


Yeah, I forgot the brat possibility. There were plenty of kids and “kids” throwing fireworks in mailboxes in my neighborhood this July 4th.

I also doubt it was the content, they’d just leave Chick tracts if it was that sort of coward.


The only places I’ve seen Little Free Libraries are in gentrifying neighborhoods. Your theory that this is an anti-gentrification protest is a fair one.


Or Lillian…


I wouldn’t ascribe any larger motivation to the vandalism such as protests against gentrification or controvertial subjects. I will bet it’s just dicks being dicks.


They were originally going to move it to a neighborhood that was under-served with libraries and money, but their ride bailed so they had to fall back to option B.


I think they’re after the wrong librarians…


I’m betting it was Gru.

“We stole the San Francisco Library!!! …the little one on Noe & 15th…”


And he hates these cans!