#Vanlife: Camping California's coast -- Morro Strand

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I’ve been enjoying your updates via IG. Definitely selling me on doing this one summer :slight_smile:


Lots of sand dollars on that beach!

Thanks. Strand was really fine but not even what a can camper calls “camping.” It felt like a place to stop for a night while running up and down the coast, but I have found much nicer places for that – Pismo. I will write about Pismo soon but wanted to start at Morro so I don’t forget. Its been a few weeks since I was there.

Wonderful spot for the multiple full RVs partying on the beach.


My wife and I just returned from Phoenix with a 2018 NuCamp Tag. The idea being an epic drive up the California coast, following Hwy 1.

So much envy RN.

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We stayed the night in Morro Bay the night of July 4, just a couple weeks ago. I was dismayed a bit by those triple smoke stacks that are almost as prominent in the skyline as Morro Rock.

Gotta give a shout out for Pizza Port in downtown MB, cool digs including their side yard with jenga games and corn hole. Be careful, though… they don’t want you (without permission, I hear) taking pics of their dough flippers flipping dough. There’s a teeny tiny sign that asks you to refrain. I didn’t catch the sign, so instead I caught some flack.

Electric hookups available?

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Only some of the RV sites have hookups.

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I don’t get this lifestyle at all.

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