Vaping while faceswapping yields unusual results


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Mind = Swapped


Thought it had been posted, and luckily BoingBoing’s recommendation engine is working fine, as the other article appears directly below this one. :slight_smile:


Finally, a Boing Boing article about vaping that isn’t a freakin’ ad! Also, admittedly (though unfortunately) pretty cool.


This shit right here is why I don’t vape anymore. You don’t get your vaped face stuck back on before it disperses, forget it man, it’s gone.


So… have both vaping and face swapping gone the way of planking yet?


If the existence of vaping kills off cigarettes for good, I will gladly make that trade.


I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of algorithmic facial manipulation:


How long before this video gets picked up by some alarmist, fundamentalist, idiot/demagogue who wants/tries to pass it off as the actual experience of marijuana users?


Not going to happen unless legislated.

From the POV of a 25-year smoker of tobacco and other burnables, vaping is immensely unsatisfying.

If all you care about is delivering cannabinoids to your brain, vaping works fine. If you actually enjoy smoking, it doesn’t work at all. The crackle and burn is an integral part of scratching the itch.


Help! I smoked a bowl and drank a pint last night and now I don’t recognize my own face! And someone snuck in and put a picture of THAT EXACT SAME FACE on my passport! What shall I do? I guess I’d better go to France.


If marijuana did that, I’d be over the top thrilled.


You’d prefer a lungful of smoke? Vaping is vastly better, as a non-smoker.

Many do not share your experience, fortunately.


Oh, no doubt. it’s less about vaping, and more about this weird cultural of vaping entitlement that’s grown up so quickly. But ideally, I’d like a lungful of nothing but clear air… but of course we know that’s not possible at this point, given our global environmental damage.


But what’s clean air in a room full of people? Nope, not going to start a vaping argument.


I never thought “you’re off your face” would ever be in danger of being taken literally.




It’s several habits. Including the beginning of the ritual where you light a small fire.


The video. not the article.


As a person who does not get what is so interesting about the front of the head as compared to the rest of the body, I am always perplexed by the “humor” that people seem to experience with manipulating face pictures.