Vaping hoodie with mouthpiece in the drawstring




for potheads


I like the idea of keeping it discreet, but with your giant ‘vaprware’ logo on the back…that kind of defeats the purpose no?


I would like to thank the vaping “industry” for their ability to make smoking cigarettes look cool again.


It is truly dumbfounding.


I’m just going to wait for people to mistakenly think someone is spontaneously combusting because of this.


“All that was left was a small green globule. And an e-cig.”


I think I would very much like to try the vaping tool before I commit to clothing that has incorporated it. The quality of pen vaporizers vary greatly, and my medical cannabis dollar only spreads so far. Of course, I would only be interested in any article of clothing that wasn’t an advertisement for anyone’s anything. If my clothes must have words on them, I prefer those words in 10 pt text on an internal label, and no where else.

I’m not entirely certain that this is meant to make vaporizing cannabis “look cool”, but possibly to make it a more discreet, private activity, although having Vaprwear in loud print on the outside of the garment does kind of dash the whole idea of discretion to smithereens. Still, it may be useful for those like myself occasionally need to use medical cannabis while in the community, and would like to not appear in direct violation of local laws concerning the consumption of cannabis in public, in spite if the fact that I would knowingly be in direct violation of those laws. Then again, sometimes having an illness or injury who’s treatment guidelines depend upon lines on a map is terribly inconvenient. Sorry society, if my illness and it’s treatment isn’t convenient for you, but it’s even more inconvenient for me to keep trying to hide it from you.


The weed industry sure went to self-parody pretty damn fast. I guess that absurdity was always there, just waiting for legalization…


Do you mind if I smoke?


I don’t really get it. There are vapes that look pretty much like you’re vaping nicotine, as long as you don’t act furtive or make the toker face. I’ve never had any trouble using those outside in the city, as long as I don’t use it when anyone’s close enough for the residual smell to be clearly associated with me.


I have but one like to give thee…


When it comes to vaping… I’ll just leave this here.


That’s what I was referring to, in fact. A fine vape, that’s not obviously not for nicotine.


People have asked me if it was an iPod. I invariably say Yes.


The Ood approve.


just wait till the get doused with a fire extinguisher


You and cancer have a happy life together.


Uhhh, we prefer the term ‘cannabis enthusiast’.

There is going to be a big, nationwide campaign to educate people to this fact, that is… when we get around to it.


I hesitated for years in getting one of these things. I thought “kids these days; they don’t know anything about getting high”.

Well, suffice it to say that I was an old fool. The Pax is kinda pricy but the damn thing pays for itself. Look, you fill the oven of this thing and it will make you and 2-3 close friends shanti for hours. Then…then! you can eat( or smoke ) the leftovers.

If you enjoy the devils cabbage and are on the fence about vaporization; let me give you a solid( but loving ) shove into the field of cannabis vaporization.