Vast crowd of dozens, possibly hundreds, attend anti-gay marriage march in DC




What’s NOM’s cut-and-paste excuse for this? Was everyone scared to show up because of society’s ugly and violent bias against straight Christians?

Remember when religious martyrdom meant being tortured to death for ones beliefs, rather than the viciously brutal horror of being disagreed with?

Get off of the cross, NOM. You’re embarrassing Jesus.


Imagine the overtime that the federal security – Okay, not so much overtime, and not security, but a groundskeeper is going to have to make an extra tour around the area to make sure that everyone used the proper trash receptacles before the end of his shift.


Laugh all you want, mockers, but there were like a trillion angels there, and the ghosts of an entire legion of bishops. The footprints will show up in the morning, but the secular media will, as usual, attribute the damage to thunderstorms, which, God made those too, so they might as well be made out of angels.


I’m sure if you look back, you’ll see only one set of footprints in the, er, sod.


They need to take some lessons from the French.


I suddenly feel better about the state of US politics… Thanks… I think.


I’m looking at that picture and even in the most densely packed areas, I think I can actually count the number of people there. It’s not like a million, it’s like 4000. Maybe 5000. Tops. And even from this altitude I can tell they are assholes.


Anytime I see something like this I can’t help but envision this:

Rabble rabble!


“Man, that lawn will just have to be totally resodded after that enormous crowd leaves.”

Electric wheelchairs can totally trash a lawn.


The number I saw on Twitter was 2000, which was just barely enough for the SF Chron to say “thousands” when referring to the size of the crowd the SF Catholic archbishop spoke to about why he should be able to make the rules for people who aren’t members of his religion.


Maybe it’s just one Frenchman moving really quickly.


So, later in the day this showed up in the sky:

Those poor, stunted bigots just couldn’t catch a break.


Reminds me of the recent Operation American Spring (like the Arab Spring, but without Sharia Law… kinda, I guess) march on Washington where no less than tens of people showed up – pretty darn close to the initial estimates of 10-30 million!

I think the great thing about the echo chamber of the internet and the media is that it convinces all sorts of people that the echoes they hear bouncing back at them are really evidence of a tightly-packed room.

I think the terrible thing about the echo chamber of the internet and the media is that it convinces the rest of the media – and the nation – that these kooks represent a large proportion of Real AmericaTM.


That’s because they travel in single file, to hide their numbers.


That’s a metric million.


…a total freak show, complete with a red nosed drunk from San Francisco…


That’s a pretty optimistic estimate. I’d lower it by an order of magnitude.




Oh puhleeze. A Cher meet and greet can easily get more than twice the amount of people there