Vax man: unbelievable tale of a man with 217 Covid shots

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How did this work? Was there a cash incentive to get vaccinated? Asking for a friend!


It’s possible?

I know in the US, there are places were you can sell plasma; I knew a couple people that used that as a side income.


His immune function was probably from all that acupuncture.


But he is a 5G mind-controlled, macrochipped, sterile, gay, autistic, magnetic, reptiloid now, right?
Because if one vaccine is so dangerous, surely 217 jabs are either fatal or worse.

Seriously, it is extremely dumb to turn yourself into this kind of personal experiment, but it is also a very effective demonstration of how safe these vaccines are


From The Guardian’s article:
Later reports confirmed the criminal investigation against the man, who was accused of getting so many doses in order to be able to collect the stamped and signed vaccination cards, which could then be forged and sold on to people who did not want to be vaccinated and so faced extensive restrictions at the height of the pandemic.


Hm. Or the covidiots will instantly pivot to that the shots are fake and only water, while at the same time continuing on about how deadly they are.


Yeah, I get it’s impossible to reason a person out of a position they never reasoned themselves into. The anti-vax is the starting point and they’ll create whatever argument they can to get there, including that the vaccines are simultaneously placebos and mutating poisons.
Having simple, individual cases to point to is usually more effective in undermining the bullshit than pointing to population level stats, though


They’ve already crossed that barrier, arguing that some batches are deadly while others are not (as deadly).

They even attempt to argue that “bad” batches were sent primarily to red states, but their own data doesn’t show it.






He was suspected of selling the vaccination cards to third parties, according to RTL. This was during a time when many European countries required proof of vaccination to access public venues and travel.

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It took me a day or so to recover from each shot, and this guy is about the same age. I’d have been down for the count for most of a year. Definitely not worth whatever he could get on the black market for signed vaccine cards.

Also, I thought Europe was all smart phone vax records? :thinking:


Well, I guess it’s nice that some people go out of their way to self-experiment in ways that would be far too unethical to actual ask people to participate in. Glad it didn’t hurt him.

Yeah, “how much did he make” was an immediate question. I didn’t imagine it was much…

Oh shit, he might have actually been making some real money, then - at least compared to any sort of direct reward anyone might be giving for getting vaccinated. Well shoot, that’s not cool.

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Interesting. Did they confirm whether or not he’s now a walking magnet or whether you could track him with an iPad? I’m sure conspiracists everywhere want to know.

I’m kidding. The conspiracy-minded are happy making up their own shit; no real interest in evidence. :crazy_face:

The future is unevenly distributed.


Oh? You didn’t get your flying car yet? :wink:
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I’m going by recollection of those days when vaccines were being rolled out. I’d thought the paper cards in the USA were to appease the tinfoil hat crowd, and that, with the exception of a few folks in Europe, there were digital records carried on phones there.

Folx, please feel free to enlighten my addled brain. Work was incredibly rough today - 3 production problems at once. :exploding_head:

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Tag this and show people saying the vaccine kills people. If there was a modicum of truth (other than people who just have adverse reactions to the ingredients), he would be dead.

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It’s true that we had/have our vaccine records on smartphones with various apps, such as this one:


Germany for one still really likes paper. So people already have a vaccine booklet for recording all their various vaccinations in, starting with their childhood vaccinations and carrying on until they pop their clogs.

That’s your official record and when you’re vaccinated your doctor or nurse or whoever is required to enter your vaccine in it or give you an Impfbescheinigung if for some reason you don’t have your booklet. Or they can give you a new booklet.

So they were stuck with paper anyway.

Then you have lots of people who don’t have a smartphone or aren’t comfortable using it as anything other than a phone.

So we have both. When you got vaccinated the vaccination was entered onto your paper vaccine pass and you got a bar code which you could use to enter your vaccination into an app.

You could also present your paper record of vaccination to a doctor or pharmacy and they would produce a new bar code for you to use if you’d “lost” yours.

As for the speculation on this guy’s reasons, the fraud speculation seems to be just that. Some media sources are suggesting that’s the reason but he’s apparently been investigated by the authorities and they haven’t taken any action so far.

The only official word is that he says he did it for “personal reasons”.



And my friends (who stopped after two or three doses) thought I was crazy for going back for a fourth shot.