Ohio man accidentally given two Covid shots in one day goes into shock

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Always a good idea to take the word of the patient, especially when they’re really old and likely in a feeble way.


In this case, not doing so endangered his life…

“I guess a city firefighter came in [to the rehabilitation facility] and said they have a shot for Victor, and the nurse said ‘Victor Smith?’ and he said ‘Yes’ so they gave him the room number” where her dad was, Theodore said. “My dad said, ‘I got two vaccines.’”

He seems like he was in rehab for a fall, not for dementia.


A 91-year-old recovering from a double-dose is actually very encouraging news about the safety of the vaccine!


It just gives Maga-heads yet another thing to use as why they don’t want the vaccine, and how it’s all a big conspiracy!

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Man, what luck… In rehab because he fell right after the first shot, then rehab gives him the third.


I’d be in shock at any system that efficient.

Though seriously, get well soon.

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It really is. The average vaccination results in some cases of severe adverse reactions that can result in death and permanent disability every year. That this is the worst we’ve heard of with 10% of the US population fully vaccinated is a massive triumph.

Hey, as long as it takes the heat off of Mr Potato Head and dr Seuss for a minute!

Seriously, though those people don’t even need an excuse. Their pig-ignorance has inoculated them from reason, anyway.

Edited to clarify that deaths and disabilities due to adverse reactions are not the same as deaths and disabilities resulting from vaccines. Thanks @docosc


Is this what you meant to say?

ETA: Just to be clear, serious reactions occur at a rate of about 1 per million doses, and almost always take the form of anaphylaxis which is treatable and very rarely fatal.

Life-Threatening Vaccine Reactions Rare: CDC (webmd.com)


No, I should clarify. Adverse reactions to vaccines are rare and deaths resulting from adverse reactions cannot directly be attributed to them, but adverse reactions do occur and sometimes result in death. What I meant was that the two vaccines we have seen administered in the highest number in the US seem to have a remarkably low level of adverse reactions and thus far no deaths have been attributed to adverse reactions AFAIK. Of course this is all anecdotal, but it’s really impressive that in a predominantly elderly population we haven’t really seen many negative outcomes.

Thanks for the catch, I’m editing the OP.

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Roger That!


During their human-safety trials, Moderna gave doses in amounts varying from 25 to 250 micrograms. For production, they settled on 100. At the 250 ug level, three individuals had “grade 3 systemic symptoms” following their second dose of the vaccine, according to Moderna’s press release, but all recovered. No grade 4 adverse events or serious adverse events were reported.


Taking too much of anything can be dangerous. Something we think of as usually safe or beneficial, like aspirin or even water, can be dangerous when taken in large quantities.


Yet even if the 91-year-old’s recovery was the sole single data point out there, the Maga-heads would still run with it like it was a football in the Super Bowl.


These aren’t people who are anchored to reality. Papa Putin will provide all of the bullshit they need.


"See the vaccine is horrifically poisonous. A 91 year old man was given TWICE the normal dose and had to spend a few hours at the hospital with a blanket.




But why rely on anecdotes when there’s actually an official reporting system set up to track adverse reactions? Data is out there, no need to speculate!

So it’s good to see that no deaths were noted in any of the CDC reports I’ve found.


Japan seems to be having a higher rate of anaphylaxis than has been reported in other countries - so far 25 cases out of 148000 people. That rate might change as they administer more doses but it is slightly concerning.

The good thing of course is that we have multiple vaccines so even if they decide to suspend Pfizer in Japan, there are other options that can be tested.

I’m very aware :slight_smile: I was more thinking along the lines of

in terms of reacting to this news than anything serious :slight_smile:

Russian disinformation campaign working to undermine confidence in Covid-19 vaccines

Wow, Russians gonna Russian. Especially, given all the (deservedly) bad press their “sputnik” vaccine has gotten. Just how do they expect to have any credibility for their vaccine when their test methods and results are so shrouded in secrecy?

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