Vegan Black Metal Chef makes lasagna


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This really needs to be combined with the endive sauteed with blueberries in reduced Gorgonzola with squid ink pasta recipe from St Jude’s Cyberpunk Handbook.


That was freaking awesome.


I tried going vegan, but there is something about Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn Calamari that keeps calling me back.


I like this! It helps break the perceptions that many people have of vegans.

Like any group, the quiet vegans (the majority) do not define the public perception of vegans because we almost never hear from them.

Unfortunately, it is often the loud-mouthed dogmatic jerks who get associated with veganism in some people’s minds.


All praise the Lord of Beasts!!! (by avoiding the beasts’ exploitation through selfish human consumption)


Don’t you mean he’s “brütal”?


I mean


That does not sound good with lasagne at all.


This guy has a whole line of VBMC cookware and linens at JC Penny.


So can I infer that you see this as an example of one of the quiet vegans? :stuck_out_tongue:


That dude is a National Treasure.


*mimicking Nathan Explosion’s Voice*

Capitalism is so BRUTAL. It relies on there always being poor people, and suffering. Pain is it’s thermodynamic gradient. And once all the rich people have taken all the money, the poor people will eat them.



Not a vegan myself, but I bet most people don’t know that the band Carcass were vegans.


I lost it at 2:40, “this will transform it from bitter brown shit…”


Much salt!


A LOT of salt, and a lot of commercial spice mixes, and pasta sauce out of a jar. I love the guy, but I ate a ton of home cooking like this in my twenties, I have a pretty good idea what it would be like.

Which is probably way above average amongst his peers…


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