Vegans expose quitters


Raphael Brion: “the website Vegan Sellout List … is a refined mix of unchecked self-righteousness and threats of actual physical violence.” [Eater] READ THE REST


Let the DOS attacks begin!

How long, do you think, before the entire internet knows the site creators name, address and phone number?


I’m vegan most hours of the day.


Isn’t it bad enough that they get their vegan powers taken away?


Thankfully, the website is down.
It’s sad that veganism only gets some attention when this kind of crap appears, when veganism is actually about things a trillion times more important than a website.
To name a few: the systematic abuse of millions of animals in factory farms, the destruction of natural habitats and resources to grow inefficient food, and the most fatal diseases in rich countries being caused by consumption of animal products.


A lot of former vegans I know quit because of health problems directly attributable to their diets. They thought they were healthy, until one day they realized they were just fooling themselves.

I also think it’s hilarious these more militant vegans are more concerned about ex-vegans than folks who have always been proud meat eaters. Kinda like when someone tries to quit Scientology.


Are we sure this site isn’t satire?


thats what i was thinking, it seems so out there that it has to be some kind of prank, i’m no vegan but i don’t think its fair to try and anonymously shame people.


I truly wish that true believers, whatever their faith, would learn to bridle their persistent self righteousness.


I too thought the site was either satire or by someone who hates vegans and vegan-ism and just wants to make them look bad. Yes, every group has their obnoxious loud-mouths who proselytize and offend, be it religious, political, or otherwise.


No true Vegan?


A lot of former vegans you know probably say that as an excuse for why they quit. I say so because not only have I known former vegans like that, but also because I’ve known many current vegans who are healthy as proverbial horses.


this is an old concept. has been running their edge break list since the early 2000s.


Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was at vegan friends’ homes and vegan restaurants!


I like vegans. Couldn’t eat a whole one, mind.

I jest; I’ll even recommend the Portobello Wellington at Cafe Flora if you’re ever in Seattle.


In the spirit of all true and good religions, the Vegans vilify the apostate or heretic more highly than those lackadaisical in, or ignorant of, the faith.


My son is a former vegan. He lost an unhealthy amount of weight and constantly battled fatigue. It wasn’t until he went on a regular vegetarian diet did he feel better. Someone else I know had intestinal problems until she gave it up. They weren’t faking.

Sure, there are healthy vegans, but it’s obviously not for everyone. And just because someone decides to give up veganism does not mean they should be targeted on what is basically a hate site. There may be valid reasons for it.


I find that the stew lasts for a week despite the lack of preservatives in the meat.


Vacuum bag and freeze it! Free range vegan all winter!


Hey, quitters I stab at thee with the deadly carrot, I throw dangerous pearled barley at your face and I toss fatal dried pineapple at your butt. Grrrrr!