Vegan restaurant in Tblisi, Georgia says that neo-Nazis pelted it with meat

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sounds like an interesting model to get free meat.


vegan with a side of hate

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You know who else didn’t like eating meat :


But he secretly ate liver.

You want these guys

That was my first thought also. (Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian for ethical reasons; he just had trouble digesting meat so didn’t eat it very often.)

Plus, this could eventually bankrupt the fascist movement if their “meat hurling” budget balloons to an unsustainable amount.

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By chance, I found this in the comment section of Fark - today!

Haha, thought about digging that up too. Pretty funny.

More like “If meat eaters acted like meat eaters always act, but like they imagine vegans are acting toward them.”

But seriously, I’ve encountered way more smug, self-righteous, and pushy omnivores than vegans in my life. I think the myth of the ‘pushy, smug vegan’ comes from the same place as a American Christian mythic feelings of persecution: a group that extremely privileged, normative, and which occupies a majority position in a society decides it feels oppressed by a completely harmless, benign minority (for Christians, it’s Atheists and queers, for omnivores it’s vegans) whose existence happens to call into question certain unreflected-upon tenets of their lifestyle, and decides to conjure up a bullshit stereotype/caricature around that persecution fantasy (the pushy vegan, the evangelical Atheist, the predatory gay community) that they can use to kick that group around. This all, of course, in ironic opposition to the fact that this majority groups engages in much more overt pushy/evangelical behavior.

Reading the comments section of any website reporting a story on PETA is not unlike listening to my Yuppie Right-Wing uncle go off after seeing coverage of a Pride Parade. Or just listen to (or read, online) any group of people online, then it comes out that one of them is vegan, and just tally up the ratio of smug omnivore dorks who start opining about eating bacon or whatever, compared to the ratio of vegans who start telling everyone to ‘go veg’ or whatever.


I think you’re just encountering a proportional problem: there are way more omnivores than vegans, so you will encounter more obnoxious omnivores than obnoxious vegans, simply by statistics.

Having never met a vegan like that, and yet go through the polar opposite at every single business lunch or benefit dinner I have ever gone to, I’m quite certain I wouldn’t want to sit next to the maker of that video during a meal. It’s really not witty at all.


You do know the difference between satire and a documentary, no?

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Did I fall for a Poe? It really was too close to reality for me to see it clearly. Thanks for setting me straight!

If you are ever in LA there is a great vegan restaurant called Real Food Daily. Really the only arguments I get into with militant vegans is about honey. (Increase demand for honey more hives are raised, colony collapse becomes less of an issue, and plants get more efficient pollination)


I feel BB missed a chance for an over-the-top headline for this article. Currently my favorite is Sausage-Wielding Extremists Attack Vegan Cafe In Tbilisi

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