Pasta made from insects selling well in France!

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How do the vegetarians feel about that? I know lots that eat dairy and eggs, because they are sort of a by-product of the animals… but ground up insects?

Any vegetarians here? Thoughts?


:hand: Yea… no*.

Insects are animals, for one - so at the very least it’s technically incorrect. Those vegetarians that ‘just eat fish’, or ‘only eat pork every third Sunday’ might be OK with insects I guess? But that hardly counts.

Besides vegetarians don’t need a replacement for meat, meat eaters do (whether you like it or not, it’s completely unsustainable, one day the cognitive dissonance of caring about climate change and eating meat will wear off… then you get bugs :bug: ).

Oh, btw, vegetarians that don’t eat eggs and dairy (and other byproducts) are (generally) vegans. :stars: And obv. they wouldn’t be into eating insects either.

* Can’t speak for everyone that uses a title, but honestly… no.


Radiatore! I love radiatore! They suck up sauce like no other pasta, and I haven’t seen them for sale in years. I might even eat bugs… well… maybe not.


This is progress.

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LOL - I know the difference between vegans and vegetarians! ;p
And yeah, i don’t think vegans would be down with this either.

Some vegetarians I know just “don’t eat mammals” but they eat fish though so likely they’d be ok with this?
But some don’t eat any animals, but do dairy and eggs. So many variations on a theme!


Sorry didn’t mean to patronise! :blush:

Eh, I don’t wanna be that guy (I’m gonna be though!), but you should be putting quotes around the word vegetarian too. Vegetarians don’t eat meat (be it donkey, human, fish, spider, unicorn…), it’s not really ambiguous. But hey, it’s not like you have to take an oath to get your membership :secret:


I am only using the word they themselves use to describe themselves!

Side note, a vegan friend of mine had a go round on tinder with a girl who claimed to be vegan… and yet ate eggs. That was fun to watch. :wink:



I wouldn’t have a problem with eating insects. Most of the world eats insects regularly. Hell, everyone eats insects, whether they know it or not.

I feel that we are one global disaster away from having to switch over to insects as a main food source because the price of meat will be too expensive.


And respecting their chosen identity is good… I guess? This is like a philosophical dilemma!

:smiley: I’m sure her heart was in the right place… shame about her brain! :smile:


Her reasoning was basically “chicken lay eggs” … so might as well eat them? I guess?

Supply and demand are foreign concepts to some…


Or you could just… dun dun dun… eat vegetables and nuts and pulses and stuff!

Seriously though I do agree with you (and said much the same ting above), if you eat meat, then that’s the way it’s going (unless the lab grown stuff can be in any way sustainable) - but I’ve never quite got the insect lobby’s (and yes, there is one) angle that it’s an inevitability - like “you have to eat something that was sentient! So why not bugs?”. It’s like, hello, or maybe don’t do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right about eating them whether you like it or not though - but hey, I also inhale aerosol shit, but I’m not gonna start doing it recreationally :smiley:

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I had a girlfriend, years ago, who was Seventh-Day Adventist. She worked in a Subway. She told me for religious reasons, she was “vegetarian except bacon.”


To be fair I get that as a philosophy - however as you rightly say, that’s not how it works honey.

I really wish it was though :frowning:


There’s a pub near my brothers that has delicious nut-mushroom patty veggie burgers. And they are DIVINE with bacon and cheese. Seriously, I recommend this! :slight_smile:


I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that everyone will change their habits because it is the ethical or more healthy thing to do. Right now, the US is focused on money as a deciding factor in everything we do. The only way to effectively change most American’s minds is to punch them in the wallet.


Actually, a lot of us were on the ‘Yay! Less Factory Farming’ bandwagon for quite some time. More than enough reason to push people to eat crickets instead of cows. (seriously, if that cricket doesn’t shut up … )

I’m totally not a vegan and love chicken because I think they’re evil little asshats and deserve to die. I love fresh vegetables though, because they’re still just a tiny bit alive. Way better than ethically cooked ones.

Similarly, I would find Trump Jerky more ethical than vegetable jerky because Trump Jerky removes a Trump.

I also pretty much live off of amino shakes and think it’s weird to eat socially, so I’ve probably kind of stepped past this particular dispute.



In a sense there is no such thing as a true vegan, since they probably eat insects or insect parts in their vegetables and grains unknowingly.

If climate change is the issue, and vegans who live in cold climates won’t wear wool or down, it means they are probably wearing polypropylene, which is basically plastic, and made from fossil fuels (and of course they probably use oil or gas heat as well, but even wood stoves contribute to climate change.)