Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video


Agreed, and that’s part of my point, that entire problem doesn’t just rest with the over consumption of meat, but in our globalized market place for food. Also, I was trying to point out that while biology matters (and getting all the nutrition we need matters) we have the ability to shape our food system however we’d like. We aren’t bound by our biology in that sense. Our food systems are social as much as they are biological.

Not in me… I respect everyone’s food choices and respect vegans for eating much better than I do. I agree that over consumption of meat is a problem, but so is the globalization of the food industry. Even if we all (in the US, I mean) stopped eating meat, if we’re still importing a large amount of our food, then we will still be having issues, I think.

It’s a complicated topic, and when it comes to how we eat, I think that it’s very personal, and hence some of the tensions around the topic.


this is one of the mainsources of vegetables for the european market…thousands and thousands of hectare under plastic.

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Veganism is not a scam or a pseudoscience, but a well-proven no-harm dietary choice, so – in my opinion – hating on it is wrong, whatever the producer of any hate or derision it may nonetheless suffer.
In my opinion, Breatharianism deserves all the criticism heaped upon it: And let’s not forget the hypocritical leaders who secretly don’t practice it (the point of the article and discussion here) but bring the weak-minded into their fold and control.

WIKI: Breatharianism is considered a deadly [pseudoscience] and several adherents of these practices have died from starvation and dehydration.


I’m not sure what your point is with those photos, but very little consumption measures up to conceptions of purity.

That said, your photos show a form of consumption that, if it’s going straight to humans, is vastly less resource consuming and ecologically destructive than if it were going to animals raised to become meat and produce dairy.


I think that’s a big question we have to wrestle with going forward - what are the most productive means of producing enough food to feed enough people? Seems like as much local production as possible would help, including more things like community gardens/farming.


… definitely, not to mention, much better for the environment.

“Eating locally grown food even helps in the fight against global warming. Rich Pirog of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture reports that the average fresh food item on our dinner table travels 1,500 miles to get there. Buying locally produced food eliminates the need for all that fuel-guzzling transportation.”


Another perspective:

It’s Not the Miles, It’s the Meat


Forward that to the Rich Pirog of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (see my post above)

Don’t think I’m kidding!


But but, veggies make you gassy. More methane, dude!



I remember when people fought over what computer system was the best, not what people ate.


Here’s the rub.
I don’t have an issue with vegans or anyone promoting veganism. However she is actively promoting a brand of veganism that has been proven to hurt her own health. What she is “influencing” people to do, is hurt themselves under the guise of health and profiting from it.
Her morals are seriously wonky.


Have you not heard about the issues of plastic waste and oceans?

I’m guessing that’s in Spain/South of Europe, where those plastic sheets blow off and end up in the Mediterranean - killing sea life. Big problem.

If you love animals and the planet, that’s not the way either - the addiction to hydrocarbons is just as bad as meat, but sadly even vegans aren’t exempt from that addiction because veg and fruit are packed, transported and grown under plastic. Surprised no-one here has mentioned the massive amount of insects and animals killed by harvesting and the poor bees, affected by pesticides.

You can then say ‘oh buy/grow organic/local. don’t use pesticides’ - but then you have to accept massive food wastage from those very insects/fungal infections etc. It’s quite hard to grow your own food without a massive load of insects, slugs, snails, bacteria and viral things munching your produce. Hence protecting them under plastic or glass…but all of that has to be created. Either way, either through wastage through pest attack or it going off through not using some form of protection (I know people are working on non-plastic fruit/veg protection at the moment) causes a lot of energy and time to be wasted, or you kill loads of local fauna - the fact that most farmland is pretty much a biological desert. Not a happy tradeoff.

There is no easy answer…but certainly stuff like quinoa - exported from South America where the locals who depend on it now cannot eat it and are in food poverty cos trendy middle class people decided it’s fashionable is not the way.

Why people dislike preachy vegans cos unless they live in a forest growing their own food, they are in some way hypocrites like the rest of us - if they drive, if they have a smartphone, if they wear rubber/non-leather shoes, wear poly-mixes or polyester, use any plastics or oil, if they eat veg or fruit they haven’t grown themselves under non-pesticide organic ways they can’t point the finger at us meat-eaters as being ‘bad’ without sorting their own rather messy backyard.

As a non-driver I’d argue just as much not having a car and using public transport is as much important on the environment as not eating meat…even if it means you can’t live or work some places. It’s funny how some are happy sacrificing some things but not others - food is fine, but don’t touch my car or trainers or my Farmville!


Other than themselves, who are breatharians hurting? Does it justify hatred?

Im not saying they are “right” any more than I think vegans are right. Just that neither discipline deserves hatred.

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Believe me: I’m surprised, too. We’ve already heard about human dentition, incomplete proteins, and preachy vegans.

This site suggests that the common knowledge of a plant-based diet paradoxically killing more animals might not be true:

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Historical people with mainly vegetarian diets were pretty smart.

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I know why people dislike preachy vegans. I too dislike any kind of preachy people.

What I’ve said repeatedly here is that it’s a stereotype that a lot of non-vegans let stand in for reality. That reality being, I have no doubt, that most vegans are actually not preachy.


Weak with hunger, no doubt.


Oh, sure. I’m always nixtamalizing.

It’s a nonstop nixtamalizing party over here.

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I call muself Vegetarian by Composition

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Umm I might be more convinced if that wasn’t just an opinion piece pretending to be a paper?

I’m sure beef and lamb/sheep use WAY more resources than a lot of farming…my point is, that ANY mechanised farming processes aren’t in the clear. It seems some vegans go on about meat being the worst etc, and then sit on their hands about the other ecological disasters, from pesticides to climate change. It’s like they feel they have ‘done their bit’ which is frankly bollocks.

Not saying there aren’t decent vegans, I know several and my Dad has been a vegetarian since the 1940’s and his mother was. He’s a cultural veggie, rather than conviction, and I find those are fine, very non-lecturing usually. But it’s this idea that you need to suffer for the lickle fwuffy animals at the cost of your health - or the cost of the earth…e.g. vegans who drive, wear oil-based clothing instead of leather (which if you are going to eat the animal, you may as well use every part, it’s the waste that’s annoying like trophy hunters), import special foods from thousands of miles away, etc.

It’s not the end point, I’m all for people lowering their carbon footprint and giving a shit about the world, and reducing meat consumption etc. I’ve done it myself, switched a lot more to chicken and less pork ages ago - partly cos of my IBS and health issues (which incidentally like this woman mean I would die or be very ill on a vegan diet - gluten intolerances and such like don’t mix well with veganism, and also I don’t eat most veg) and more cooking.

Everyone should care about what they put in their bodies and try cooking if they can afford it.

But I notice many vegans are middle class and fairly well off as well, because sadly food poverty is a thing and basically if you’re on the dole like me, you’re not going to afford truly organic veg or pasture raised beef or a lot of Fairtrade goods - that’s for the Leisure Classes mainly who can afford to pay for quinoa and fret about the poor fluffy animals (but interestingly like the most of this thread, f*** the fish, which oddly could support a lot of people if fished responsibly).

Believe me, when you are struggling to stay above the water, recycling and the animals is the least of your worries - all of this is the playpen of Tarquins and Emilies with rich daddies.

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