Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video


Had a friend whose sister was SUPER DUPER into the vegan raw food diet… for health!
She got so into it she started losing lots of weight, then losing her hair and growing a kind of fuzz on her skin called lanugo (?) She was starving herself to death and had to adjust her diet to avoid killing herself with all her healthy eating. The whole damn family was that screwed up…



Put that way, it’s easy to agree with. But what about trying to persuade someone to change their diet. E.g. because:

  • You’re a doctor and your patient’s diet is clearly killing them;
  • It’s someone you love dearly and you can see their diet is affecting their health;
  • It’s a large number of people whose diets are making them ill, driving up healthcare costs and hence raising insurance rates for the rest of us;
  • It’s a large number of people whose diets are collectively placing such a demand on the global agricultural system that we’re tearing down the last remaining rainforests to keep supplying them;
  • It’s a large number of people whose diets have such a high carbon footprint that we cannot meet globally agreed targets to tackle climate change;

Where do you draw the line? This is a genuine question. I don’t know the answer, and I know that the approach some (not all) vegans take is indeed appalling. But where do you draw the line?

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Have you noticed how many conservatives have been actively, loudly celebrating John McCain’s death because he only rubber-stamped something like 95% of Republican initiatives?



Shit. This is actually a “thing”:



[citation required]



Her goose is cooked and now she won’t be bringing home the bacon. Unless there’s bigger fish to fry …



We need to eat protein and other nutrients found in meat.

You and I get much of that protein from animal products. Many other people around the world stay perfectly healthy getting those nutrients from other food sources, but they may have to work harder to find them.



You talkin’ to me?



Honestly, speaking as someone who’s somewhat “hip to the scene” :stuck_out_tongue: since I’ve been a life-long vegetarian, EVERYBODY, including older vegans, have eventually grown to hate those holier than thou raw-foodies and thus we love to watch them crash and burn.
Even most of the hard core politicized vegan community has come around to the consensus that raw-foodies are kinda delusional and that their conduct is giving the rest of the community a bad name.
If you want to stay off the cooked food for whatever reason, just eat a salad - don’t write a fucking musical about how you magically coerced a fig into tasting like chicken. :slight_smile:


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It’s ok, I’ve been trying to quit cannibalism but occasionally slip up too. We’re all human after all



One day at a time.



I don’t think she’ll be bringing home the bacon any more after this

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The life of an influencer is fraught with peril. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be them.

<— Not a vegan, but I agree with @orenwolf on this:

Pretty sure the vegans are able to be mad at more than one person at a time. Most of us are. I, myself, am mad at a whole handful right now.



Oh my god. Who the hell cares?



The term “influencer” and what it implies these days just weirds me out. I’m not at all shocked that someone calling themselves such was a hypocrite.



I can only speak for myself, but all the examples you posted were examples of persuasion, not force, so the line is drawn at action beyond that.

But, given my other statement-

If someone feels the need to engage in persuasion, then they’d better have a really good plan to win hearts and minds, if they’re going to avoid one hell of a backfire effect.

Additionally, the history of sumptuary laws tells us that if you make something enjoyable an act of rebellious anti-authoritarianism, then good luck enforcing that.



love this video - I am a vegetarian and I also don’t talk about it. I think most of us don’t. In fact I actively try to hide it. This guy is spot on. I actually do the opposite - I say I eat meat and then at the meal I quietly don’t order any. actually…now that I think about it - I do this alot. Like when guys start talking about sports…I look for opportunities to knowingly nod and say “totally” but I get bored watching baseball and football etc.



We cheat - big time.