Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video


The lapsed Lutheran in me just snorted.


No, it’s not possible. I have zero data to back that up.


I’m curious. Was some company or other actually paying her to pretend to be vegan? Is it akin to paying actors to be in a commercial for your product but not explicitly stating that she is an actor? Or was she just pretending to be vegan to get followers?


I’d argue if you were following the advice when it comes to diet of a god damn “influencer” without consulting a nutritionist, dietician, or doctor then you got the snake oil you deserved and don’t get to claim how shilled and outraged you feel.


I want to see this and the vape thread in a Thunderdome match…


Recursive Vegan Hell.


Also optional: Tuna.

Seriously though, when the number of optional ingredients is nearly the same as required ingredients, you no longer have a recipe, you just have a list of stuff to try out. At best, it’s a meta-recipe: “mix and match these ingredients to come up with your own recipe.” I think this is some real lazy “celebrity” chefery.

Also, she forgot to include bread. How can you have a sandwich without bread?


Versus, say, the alt-right, who are really some very nice people and are known to be quite inclusive and open-minded.




In L.A. in the early 80s, there was (I believe for a very short time) a con artist who ran a sect called Airists [sic?]; his spiel was that one could live simply on air and water. I was the newest of the newbies at work, and was astounded (and confused) when one of the electrical engineer graybeards in our department openly declared that the con-man must be legit because “who would lie about such a thing”. Airist leader’s scam was later blown when some of his followers followed him to a 7-eleven one night; they caught him stocking up on snacks and such.


“Breatharians” and they are still around, and still just as stupid. Sigh, how exactly did Homo sap win out over the other equally deserving anthropoids? Maybe its time to give the cephalopods a chance, or cetaceans, they are a pretty promising group.


^ This. For sure.

I didn’t know it was an unusual point of view, but going by the general nonsense on this subject that you get on the internet, I’m some sort of radical individualist.

  • What someone chooses to eat is their choice and nobody else’s.
  • Dietary evangelism is deeply irritating
  • Forcing any particular diet on someone is appalling

I just have to hope that all the usual BS we get around this subject is just the usual sound and fury, signifying nothing, and that most people are actually decent, non-dickish individuals that I’d enjoy sharing a meal (dishes of everyone’s own choice) with. And most happy mutants fall into that category.


Hipsters always find a way


For awhile I’ve felt that – had they survived extinction events – the world would be dominated by and populated with incredibly intelligent beings… and looking like this:


Ignore the puny primate on the right; it can merely stand in awe.


We ate them.


As much as I hate to say this…

We need to have more “Vegan Influencers” talking about what kind of toll the diet has taken on their health. The simple fact is, as omnivores, we need to eat meat; and going completely vegan eventually causes a nutritional imbalance and malnutrition. People who are really, really good at staying on the Vegan diet can expect some form of malnutrition to happen which requires eating meat of some kind within about 7 years or so. People who want to be vegan and who have been vegan and who draw their identity from that get very, exceptionally hostile to anyone who says this.

(Some people have different issues and have malnutrition strike even earlier. I was only 6 months in when I started showing signs of B12 and D3 malnourishment. I’m sure a lot of people will assume that I was doing something wrong, that I wasn’t vegitarianing correctly: and I will admit that they are right; but my mistake was trying to go vegetarian in the first place; those six months have caused problems years later; nearly 10 years on and I still haven’t fully recovered.)

I really, really wish that there had been more people talking about what happens if you do the vegetarian thing wrong, and what you could have that causes problems. It isn’t all happiness and light…

[Let me edit to add: I very much am sad that it caused her issues, and I am sad that this happened to her. I don’t want this to sound like I’m gloating at all… I get no pleasure out of hearing someone else who’s health has been damaged in this way; I just want people to know about this so they can watch out for it and help keep themselves safe.]


this is the part that makes me mad. her love of money coming from her youtube channel took precedence over her moral stance on being a vegan. i’ve been largely a vegetarian for over 30 years, and long ago i decided for health reasons i would eat seafood and dairy. i tried veganism, but it’s just SUPER hard to do – although i will concede that it’s a hell of a lot easier now what it’s so widespread. it was basically looked on like a cult back in the 80s. if she had been up front about her reasons, and said “look, i still support all the reasons to be a vegan, and i’m going to do the best i can to continue to eat that way, but it’s just insane to go against the recommendations of my doctor,” i think she would’ve found much more support.


Not that I want to tear you down or anything, but this is a wildly broad statement to make. Personally I have no problem with any of her diet choices. It’s lying that is the problem. I would assume it’s vegans who are the most angry, because A.) they were lied to, and B.) now non-vegans are gloating. If she was making a living from being a “vegan influencer” then she faced being suddenly out of work. Her explanation that she was going to eventually tell them “in her own time” is suspect, but also very human. I don’t know that I would have made the right choice either.



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