Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video


If a vegan falls in the forest - does anybody care?



So that’s why pops always said, “Son, never tongue wrestle with a gorilla.”

They’ve got poopy mouths!


No, bread doesn’t make you fat. Nor does cake, cinnamon rolls, or any other baked good. You see, all the calories go out with the steam. I know that this is a controversial view, but as a former baker, I can assure you that it’s true. :wink:

Which brings to mind a YouTube channel I’ve been watching, of a woman in Sydney, Australia, who rescues “flying foxes” – fruit bats – from netting, barbed wire, etc. These furry, flying mammals eat fruit and nectar (they drink mom’s milk when really young). It’s hard to understand how they can survive only off of fruit. In fact, they pulp the fruit against their hard palates and squeeze out the juice, consume that, and then spit out the pulp.

They do eat 25% to 35% of their body weight every day, which is a lot.

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Only among internet commenters who like to make bacon jokes while adjusting their fedoras.

But more seriously, no. Certainly less consensus than there is on, say, the adverse health impacts of eating red meat regularly.

TO BE SURE, you can eat a shitty vegan diet of, like, white bread, jelly, and Newman-Os all day. I had a vegetarian friend get really sick when he moved to college because he shifted from eating his well-rounded diet at family meals to eating, like, grilled cheese in the school commissary two meals out of the day. But you can also eat a really shitty omnivorous diet, too, and shitty omnivorous food is in tremendous supply because omnivores are 1.) the biggest market and 2.) by definition less picky about what they eat.


I will accept the critique of my statement specifically regarding protein, but stand by needing to be mindful of your menu if you choose a vegan diet.


I’m trying to decide whether I have less sympathy for the exposed “influencer” or the heartbroken “influencees”. Mathematically there might be a difference, since I’m led to believe that there are different degrees of infinity.

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The same concept applies whether it’s about voting or not. You can’t dislike Hillary more than Trump and legitimately be further left than Hillary. It’s like saying you’re more upset at a paper cut than a gunshot wound. If that is the case, then your priorities are inconsistent.

Eh, the Left is reflexively strict about holding their own accountable, quite possibly to a lawfully stupid, fallible degree.

Progressives aren’t liberals so the cliche quote doesn’t seem to apply. In the current Overton window, liberals are center/center-right moderates and progressives are further left. Think AOC vs Bill Clinton.


Wait.(sorry to contribute to the he weird political derailment of the current conversation ) are you trying to say that the word liberal Connotates the same thing as moderate now? I’ve always thought of the word liberal to me in anything left of conservative. It’s actually annoyed me that the term neoliberal came to mean right leaning liberal when in fact I feel like right leaning liberals are strangely old-fashioned or non-progressive which I don’t think of as something I associate with the word neo


I should add, just in case anyone cares or thinks I am talking folks out of vegetarian / vegan eating, that we are largely vegetarian, grow most of our own food in our 2 acre garden, and try to treat meat eating as an occasional treat. Therefore:


Not to get all hippie, but although I do believe being vegetarian has some health benefits, really the main thing for me I probably wouldn’t care so much about eating meat if it wasn’t for the fact that I believe animals have consciousnesses. After all I eat pecan pie. I love pecan pie. And that ain’t good for me either.


You seem to think the average omnivore is a paragon of good health. I don’t know. It just sounds like nutritional tone-trolling to me.

Do vegans need to take vitamin D? Yep. So does almost everyone. (Omnivores get it in dairy products because it’s added to dairy products.) And who do you think they make all those calcium supplements for? And, sure, vegans need to take B12, but that’s hardly a matter of onerous planning.


The sites I referenced promote vegan lifestyles. I am mostly vegetarian myself. But yes, if you are vegan, you need to put more thought into your diet. You can be just as unhealthy as any omnivore if not.


I’m saying that norms have shifted over the last several decades so that the most prominent members of the left have been moderates, many with positions very agreeable with the right such that the Republicans don’t criticize them for going too far, but for not going far enough (such as Obama’s record on immigration enforcement or Bill Clinton’s record on DADT and DOMA. The usually explanation for this is that Democrats were tired of losing due to the perception that they were too far to the left. I think they just lost the race to the bottom because the Republicans after Eisenhower decided winning was more important than moral standards.

We’re only recently seeing more progressive politicians (Bernie Sanders [not recent in his experience, but recent in his popularity], AOC, et al.) become more popular.

This has nothing to do with the word neoliberal, which was an attempt by fiscal conservatives to try to reclaim the term liberalism from the left by reasserting an older free market-support meaning, which makes the neo part ironic because it wasn’t new, but rather regressive. This is why you’ll hear some conservatives/libertarians proudly say, “I’m a liberal…in the classical sense.”


thank you. my thought exactly. it annoys me to no end just from a linguistic POV. ha.


Did her diet make that big knot on her head?


I’m a post-modernist vegetarian.
I eat meat ironically.


sure, I dont doubt that; but that wasnt the point. you still need it, and without meat or animal products (eggs, milk, ectera) you have to take supplements, which is a product of an industrial socity.

disclaimer: I was a vegetarian (not a vegan) most of my life, and started eating meat again when dumpster-diving was becoming my basic food-source. I dont eat much of, I dont buy any, but it improved my health for sure.


Well sure, but you also need to be mindful of your menu if you choose to be a flesheater.


I think I need to get more sleep, but I read that as " Art Is Anal" worms…

Man, I think my job reviewing medical records all day long is starting to mess with the old noggin…