Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video


Citation needed



I guess that would be common in cultures that are traditionally vegan.



It’s always struck me as more a left wing thing than a right wing thing.

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It’s neo, in the same sense as “neo-gothic” or “neo-classicism”.

It’s an old thing supposedly revived.

I won’t even get into the idea that ‘liberal’ is a term ‘claimed’ by the ‘left’ that needed ‘reclaiming’ by conservatives. Only in America…



The vegan lord did an ooopsiee :smiley:



There is a lot to be said for a bit of marmite in a vegetarian or vegan diet



I think you can do a vegan diet with no harmful effects. I have a few friends who are still going strong after 10(ish, time flies) years.

But you really have to do your homework. It’s not easy getting everything you need from a pure vegan diet and you have to make a special effort to compensate for the fact that humans have an omivore gut.

Also I think she was promoting raw food on top of vegan food. Now maybe it’s possible to subsist on raw food only, but I have personally never seen it work out well. The few people I met who did raw food for more than a few years all looked thin as hell (as in unhealtily thin) and had worn-down teeth from eating all fucking day like a cow.

I never understood the raw food craze, especially if you try to eat vegan. Getting enough nutrients from only plants is hard enough with heating. (*) Also, heating food is older than homo-sapiens, so our gut probably (d)evolved to deal less efficiently with raw food.

(*) Then again I also tend to skip the masochistic difficulty levels in computer games, but some people enjoy them. Maybe it’s something similar?



Omnivores (especially the true meat lovers) are often unhealthy as well. That’s correct.

However if you go full vegan (no animal products at all) you do have to be a bit more careful than the average vegetarian/occasional meat eater. B12 is the best know problem. And for adults maybe the main thing? I think I read somewhere there are some other nutrients which are a bit harder to get through only plants.

For growing children it’s a whole different story. You need all sorts of fatty acids for your brain development which are more difficult to get from plants.
I don’t say it’s impossible, just that you have to watch it, lest you become as unhealthy as the obese bacon-lovers :smiley:



Legit, everything about instagram influencers can fuck off. Intentional misrepresentation is the name of the game. I ride motorbikes overland and it’s non-stop sunset pictures by a tent when they stay in hotels. Brad Castlebury has fake weights for his bench press shit, half the health and wellness coaches are on heroic amounts of PEDs, the cake bloggers are all icing yellow foam.


Trying to sell tickets to imaginary funlands, Hate it. HATE HATE HATE



no, I didnt said that at all. and it was neither my intention to imply such a thing or to start a ideological fight over it.



well, to be fair, its mostly the babys which are “eating” poop from their mothers, assumption is that this transfers the necessary bacterias for a healthy gut.

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Also the hypocrisy of continuing to hype the health benefits of a diet that she had to discontinue because of her… health.
Could have been a good “hey, I’m having this problem, this happens with vegan diets sometimes let me educate you…” except for all the rabid vegan zealots that would have shat on her page (and are shitting on it now)




OH man, I hope you don’t like “reality TV”, or I got some bad news for you…

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Instead of just liking, I have to comment how brilliant and wrong that is. I love it.

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I have no beef with veganism (sorry did someone use that already?) but it’s basically a modern luxury that would have been nearly impossible prior to the industrial revolution, and like the industrial revolution its benefits are mixed. Eschewing wool and down means you wear. . . polypropelene, which is made from hydrocarbons. I look at the chemical/plastics industry with as much mistrust as I do industrial farming and livestock.

While industrial livestock could and should be managed more humanely, domestic animals are basically wards of human civilization now, we either keep tending them or let them go extinct. If I were to live sustainably off the land I would have a chicken coop and a dairy cow (or access to one through a local farm co-op), but I probably wouldn’t grow big vats of nutritional yeast in my garage (do people even do that?)

I understand the moral drive behind veganism, but every one of us, simply by being alive in a modern industrial society, are contributing to the degradation of the planet in our own way.



“Lighten up, Francis.” I agree with you though, being an “influencer” is basically being a pitch-man, it reminds me of those people who were paid to get product names or websites tattooed on their foreheads, but it’s even more dishonest-- we know that the guy on the radio is being paid to hawk some new juice drink as he leads into a commercial break, but it’s implied that someone’s personal instagram (etc.) account is a real representation of their personal tastes. In this case it put her in a bind, the real her couldn’t continue the diet, but the instagram her had to keep up the charade.



Is polypropelene another name for cotton?



You wear cotton to keep warm in the winter? Must be a lot of cotton. Don’t get it wet.



I didn’t say anything about what I do. I have found, though, that layered cotton works fine in winter. Not that it gets subzero where I live. :woman_shrugging:

And do animals have to be slaughtered for their wool? Not how it works, I thought.