Vehicle Force Voltron was stupid


That is pretty much the formula for the 5 lions… so yeah.


And in general…

Personally I think Gatchaman is THE SHOW.


No way… G-Force was way better than it or battle of the planets


Meanwhile, Thanos got busted.

Where is your sequel now, eh Marvel?





I’m beginning to detect the faintest hint of a pattern to my childhood’s toy advertisements cartoons. :thinking:


Somehow I don’t see King Zarkon or Prince Lotor as being quite that noble when they have a chance to stop Voltron from forming. Almost all the times that Voltron successfully forms, they win. [Even when they don’t, they regroup and come up with a new tactic and/or weapon and win the rematch.]

To be fair, Lotor probably wouldn’t attack Blue Lion unless it was necessary since he doesn’t want to risk harming the Princess. But I don’t see him having a problem smacking Green or Red Lion to keep them from forming the arms that FORM BLAZING SWORD!


Proportionality of Force seems like a really important concept in Japanese children’s media.
That, and Redemptive Violence that turns villains into allies. I’m sure there are scholarly papers and studies that link those concepts to the Japanese experience of WW2, though that’s probably pretty reductionist.


Voltron: Understanding and Exploiting the Voltage-Latency-Reliability Trade-Offs in Modern DRAM Chips to Improve Energy Efficiency is showing on arXiv near you, but …it’s like the munchies scene in Portalgeist…er, I never saw that (90% certain,) Poltergeist but the THC tube left on the counter sprouts buds and… I mean, Macross 7 had a followup that saw Mylene and Basara and co. split for a full uniform band (M7 Gargleblaster or something. Maybe worth it to see space Anne Rice Elves gloaming over an ensemble in the bands say ‘Spiritia Gargleblaster.’ Maybe they mumblecore it.) But there was a Studio Pierrot connection and it played.

Surely Yamades (ヤマトナデシコ七変化 by Tomoko Hayakawa – The Wallflower on Crunchyroll somehow, Yamato Nadesico Shichi Henge, and there’s a live drama version too…) had the best Voltron takes in the last 3 ep?

Also Gatchaman CROWDS, because it doesn’t need…wait, does it need as much fixing as the console-mad Freddy Mercury of anti-globalization space dungeons knowing with certainty that a giant invasive sugar glider attacking slums near the giant kinda corporate distantly developmental thing will be super boss? But they burn and SFX super samey?


Come on, you can’t interrupt transformation sequences.


As a kid in the Bay Area in the 1980s, I remember seeing a picture of it on the box for a Lion Voltron toy - he was touted as the “Voltron of the Middle Universe”. Never saw an actual toy for it though.

Then, around 15 years later I was in my hotel room in Venice decompressing after a day of sightseeing, flipping though channels…and there it was, Triple Voltron, dubbed in Italian, fighting another robot in some sort of arena.


I did not realize that Battle of the Planets was a Sandy Frank production.


Saw a “RetroBlasting” panel at DragonCon in 2015 that talked about Voltron - long story short, the US distributor needed enough episodes to sell (67, I think?) to US broadcasters (due to syndication), so they went to Japan and purchased 3 entirely different mecha animes (Beast King Go Lion, Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (a “Star Trek” mapping the universe story) and Lightspeed Electroid Albegas… thanks,… the third mecha was never aired because kids were seriously annoyed and didn’t understand when Voltron turned from Lion Force Voltron to Vehicle Team Voltron).

Here’s video of their panel:


I was one of those kids and the switch between the two was fine. I wouldn’t say that too many kids didnt understand it. Vehicle Voltron was popular enough that extra episodes got made with Lion and Vehicle fighting side by side.


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