Vending machine for gold bars

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All the “Gold Standard” whackos just shot load in their collective pants.


Oooh shiny!

My very first thought is that this looks like a soft target for theft.

My very next thought: someone must have thought of that…


I bet the manufacturers gave a lot more thought to the machine’s physical security than to its IT security. Using an internet connection to determine the market price of gold sounds like a great point of manipulation.


Don’t worry, it’s Windows XP, what can go wrong?

If they just went and installed some of these in Russia we’d have jackpotting how to videos on Russian YouTube in days!


I’ve never heard of Abud Dhabi. Where is that?


My particular thought is why would you buy gold from a vending machine? Other than “Just because”.


Funny, they don’t seem to list their fees anywhere…


I’m sure the fees are high, has anything from a vending machine ever been a good deal?

I really don’t know why anyone would use one of these, but if you are uber rich and drunk you can impress you “companion” for the night with a shiny gift.


Right next door to hell, seeing as daytime temps can reach over 115F.

Mrs. slybevel and I once stopped in at the Las Vegas Tiffany’s. She tried on a gorgeous ruby necklace.

If I’d had the means, I’d have bought it for her. That’s the point of gold ATMs.

eta - Which is to say, I agree with you, and isn’t it a shame we don’t have those kinds of resources at hand?

ETAA - For those curious, it was about 2004, and the necklace was priced at $250k. I’m certain it was worth every penny.



Could be good to have one around…

On a side note, investment gold is often sold without tax (don’t ask me why). Gold chloride is sold with tax. You can save significant money on gold plating by dissolving the gold in aqua regia (if you are too impatient to putz with gold recovery from e-scrap).

Now if they’d want to sell tax-free investment silver, I’d be delighted. It’s excellent for conductive inks.

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