Vet fixes wild turtle's broken shell, finds it in the woods years later

The difference between the meaning of ‘turtle’ in UK and US English left me thinking “In the woods!? How the hell did it get into the woods?”

I never thought it looked like those things until I finally saw it in color.

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Much respect to the vets and vet techs out there. You are all goddamn heroes to me.

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The type of major shell damage, like this turtle, or the one from the other day that survived the fire, often does not heal. a turtles shell is meant to grow and expand, but not replace large missing portions.

happy to see this guys still walking around and enjoying life. :+1:


Oh man, I was just finishing my breakfast :confounded:

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The turtle later added some modifications of its own as a form of personal expression representing the duality of man.


It does look very tortoise to me.

The TV world was different on a 19" B+W.

Well, more like 10 in. in my case. (I did notice that a lot of the Harryhausen films didn’t change.)

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