"Vice" ...... A movie about Dick (Cheney)

“The biopic, directed by “The Big Short’s” Adam McKay, chronicles Cheney’s life as the former vice president under President George W. Bush. Starting with his beginnings as a Washington bureaucrat, the film explores Cheney’s service under the Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and George H. W. Bush administrations and as the CEO of energy management company Halliburton.”

“Amy Adams co-stars as Lynne Cheney, accompanying a star-studded cast that includes Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, Rockwell as President Bush, and Jesse Plemons.”

I want to know how hard it must of been not to title this movie “Dick”.

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Holy cow. Christian Bale might be a rage-filled psychopath both on and off the set but he’s also some kind of goddamn chameleon.


Have my nose rubbed again in Dick Cheney-ness, because I chose to rub my nose in it?

Ugh, no thanks, Hollywood. I get nauseous often enough these days.

IKR If he needs a coach to help him gain 40 lbs for the next movie I can help!

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You’ve probably noticed how he has been super quiet and on the down low lately. Cockroaches crawl around when nobody is watching.


Sheesh. Yeah, one more asshole we should probably be trying to keep more of an eye on.

Oh for some effective Entitled White Male Disinfectant!


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