TOM THE DANCING BUG: Dare You Peer Into the Secret Files of Dick Cheney?




Beautiful, Ruben - just how I like my satire.

Vicious, bloodthirsty, steelcapped, righteous vengeance, or at least a vicarious sniff thereof.

A satirist working on such a deserving subject needs to marshal every last joule of incandescent hatred they can muster, and you’ve done us proud today.

One more tiny step closer to the masses realising it’s class war…


Emailed a link to family members with the subject line:

sometimes this Ruben Bolling dude just kicks SO much arse

So much arse, that shortly, crowdsourced arduino-boosted drones will be taking the names, so Ruben can get on with the arse-kicking.

500,000 points and 1up.


I call shenanigans. There is some shit even cockroaches won’t do.


Has it really been seven years since we last saw the true form of Mr. Cheney?


Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.

There was a time when my mouth would have dropped from hearing that kind of delusional, hypocritical, blatant projection from Cheney or Bush. But I grew accustomed to their absolutely evil, batshit insanity and boldfaced lies sprinkled with brazen arrogance a long time ago.

The fact that this war criminal blatantly profited for himself and his buddies off of the wounding and deaths of so many people just makes me wish he’d dare to go to one of those countries that wants to try him as a war criminal.

Dick Cheney needs to rot in prison and I wish there was a hell.


I suppose the old adage of “If you repeat it often and loudly enough then people will begin to believe it” still rings true in Cheney-land. Given the state of Iraq today and watching what it has become since our jolly excursion there began (4,500+ U.S. soldiers dead, many many more non-U.S. soldiers dead, $X trillion gone, etc, etc) it seems to suggest some sort of lunacy that Cheney would say (and continue to say) so many blatantly false or utterly illogical things. Even batshit-crazy Nixon <a href=>admitted making “mistakes”.


Well it’s about time somebody showed Cheney’s warm, compassionate side.


Please don’t leave out the civilians:


Indeed. That was my intent with the “many many more non-U.S. soldiers dead” bit, but it’s poorly phrased.
And as for Cheney, it’s simply mind-boggling that he would have even one godamn thing to say about Obama’s presidency that isn’t “Gosh, I wish we’d done that.”


ZOMG. One of the absolute best TtDB YET.

Instaforward to everyone I know.


I think a big part of the problem is that conservatives have created this bubble where they project their own version of reality out onto the world, and Fox News has basically supported their illusions. Remember: Cheney discounted any intelligence that did not support the idea that Iraq had WMDs, for all we know he has ignored lots of other stuff that does not support his version of reality.


When you’ve shot a friend in the face and casually slaughtered your way through 8 years of unnecessary wars, I guess getting caught out on a little revisionist white lie - or two - is the probably least of your problems. :frowning:


Indeed. That was my intent with the “many many more non-U.S. soldiers dead” bit, but it’s poorly phrased.

No worries, I figured that was your intent. I just wanted to put a link to the number for some of the younger set that may not be aware of the overall costs this vampire sucked out of humanity.

And as for Cheney, it’s simply mind-boggling that he would have even one godamn thing to say about Obama’s presidency that isn’t “Gosh, I wish we’d done that.”

Cheney is like a twisted killer that no one can convict, so he on occasion reaches out to his victim’s families for his own sick pleasure to rub it in all of our faces that he’s powerful, evil and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

He should be forever known in history as a sick sociopath when it comes to what he did to society at large. It’s going to take decades of damage control before we even start working towards a healing process. He committed that much damage to the USA and the world, for that matter.

I really wonder. Does he want us all to thank him for what he did or does he just enjoy rubbing salt in our wounds? I don’t think he’s delusional and really thinks he did all the right things. I think he’s what happens if you take the sickest, most sociopathic YouTube troll and give them power.

Cheney is a horror of a person.



And, of course, he insidiously continued to prop up and support any false intelligence that falsified evidence for WMDs as well.


You left out an important third option: that he wants us to thank him for rubbing salt in our wounds…


Yep, anyone doubting the infinite capacity of conservative self-delusion should check out Bob Altemeyer’s The Authoritarians.


This was a bridge too far though; even Megyn Kelly was forced to call him out on his brazen blaming-Obama-for-Iraq bullshit.


Yeah, I know more than a few diehard conservatives that can’t even stomach Bush and Cheney and I guess Fox News sometimes taps into that segment of the conservative population on occasion especially as time distances them from their former support of the administration and their actions.

I guess having a large segment of the population with memory issues as the majority of one’s viewership has its advantages.


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