White House release video making fun of Dick Cheney's lies

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Wasn’t there a gentleman’s agreement the Obama administration would pretty much pretend the Bush administration never happened? What else stands between Chaney and the Hague?


Actual White House release? Seems like an odd target for them. And an easy one. It’s like shooting dicks in a barrel.


Maybe if Cheney didn’t start none, wouldn’t be none.

But if he wants to run around Sunday morning TV shows going on about how bad the Iran deal is, he better be prepared to face getting called out on his history of being wrong.


I know of 39.5 Billion reasons why Dick Cheney is in complete denial of his blame for the war. Halliburton earned around 8.7 million dollars for each American soldier that died, and I’m sure they consider that an acceptable rate of return. He gave up his soul a long, long time ago, and when he elected himself President by appointing himself the feckless W’s VP, that was one of the darkest days that our country will ever know.


There couldn’t be; Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld weren’t gentlemen.


I was discussing the drug datura with someone the other day, and how it is not a nice time-- basically a guaranteed bad trip that lasts about two days where typical hallucinations involve everyone you ever knew filing past you describing what a loser you are (an actual account from erowid.org), and so watching Cheney deny the obvious while completely straight faced (or sometimes smirking) I try to imagine how he would withstand that kind of 48-hour dark night of the soul.

He wouldn’t of course, and maybe that’s part of what’s going on here: a guy with a heart condition can’t possibly ever face up to the horrendous blunder he has foisted on the world: the lost lives, the wasted US dollars, the ruined Iraqi infrastructure, the rise of ISIS, the advancement of Iran’s nuclear program. If he ever had a moment of clarity that monumental his heart would give out.


And yet they’re still giving him the courtesy of pretending he was “wrong” rather than “a liar”.


Wow—Cheney seems to be willing to tell every lie except “I was never Vice-President.”


Well, Darth Cheney still is pretty damn scary. His entire persona is like a veiled threat.


There’s some interesting reading on the actual site, as well, for those of you (like me) who hadn’t really followed this up to now.

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an ideal heart transplant patient so he’ll probably live forever

I hadn’t thought about this: imagine being the poor sucker whose heart got transplanted into Cheney. Talk about adding insult to injury.


He’s always had clarity. He knew perfectly well the whole time. These people are sociopathic, psychotic monsters.


Wow - those Cheney animatronics from the Haunted Mansion were much to scary for kids.


The treaty that establishes the International Criminal Court specifically exempts Americans from ever facing justice there. In case that wasn’t enough, the US, under Bush, passed a law saying they would invade the Netherlands if the court ever decided to act beyond the remit of the documents that established it. Not many Americans noticed this military threatening of their friend and ally, but let me tell you, the Dutch certainly noticed it.

… It’s easy to forget just how awful Bush was on a day to day basis… And he’s like Gandhi compared to the current batch of Republicans.


Well, he was Vice President. No matter what he did to the office while he was there, it still deserves respect.

Plus, he gives them ratings.

Cheney got five deferments from Viet Nam, and to this day is the largest “chicken hawk squawker” to ever hold any office in the USA. Dick Cheney is a poster child for cowards everywhere.


“The vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm piss” – US Vice President Cactus Jack Garner


why make a video when you are in control of the Justice Department & could actually charge him? thanks again obama!


Cheney has the heart of a young man…on his desk…in a jar.