Vice employee convinced the Illuminati hang out at Denver Airport

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The video won’t play for me. It just spins. Duh duh duhhhhhh! Further proof that the Illuminati are working to silence this guy?

It’s a shame. Since I live somewhat close, I was curious to hear what he had to say.

Personally, I can’t think of any place I would rather be less than the airport when working on world domination. Sure, it means your agents don’t have to get a Uber to come to you when they swing through town in pursuit of their nefarious deeds. But the downside is that it’s the fucking airport.

But maybe that’s what makes it so perfect?


To be fair, I have had business meetings in airports just because schedules worked out that way, but definitely not my first choice, no matter how nice the lounge is. :roll_eyes:

But if they have all the money they could have secret posh quarters hidden somewhere! (WIth secret entrances so security doesn’t notice them! Or maybe the thousands of airport staff can all be trusted to keep a secret! Yeah, pull the other one…)


I tend to believe that the idea of a powerful group of nefarious people operating in secret is a great way to distract attention away from the powerful group of nefarious people blatantly operating in public.


“Vice employee convinced the Illuminati hang out at Denver Airport”

Yeah, that’s what they want you to think… Denver is just a decoy, obviously.

The Illuminati HQ for Western Europe is located in an underground installation at 51°21’22.7"N 7°08’02.8"E.


You forgot to carry the two, and factor in barometric pressure.


This may be the third time I’ve linked this on these forums, but it seems to be relevant so often:


I’m not going to provide direct links, but David Icke is absolutely obsessed over the Denver Airport being a secret reptillian base.


Seriously, if you were the Illuminati, would you hang out at the Denver airport?


My favorite conspiracy story about DIA is how there is a secret tunnel linking the airport to NORAD which is about 100 miles to the south so the President can get there in an emergency.

As if somehow it is possible to dig a hundred mile tunnel underneath a major metropolitan city without anybody becoming suspicious in order to link two facilities that are about a 20 min helicopter ride away. Meanwhile the CO Springs airport sits on an active Air Force base, has a 13,000 ft runway and is 5 mins away.

Hell, they can’t even add 2 extra lanes to the main highway around here and yet they can dig a secret tunnel?


That kind of project requires real experts:


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There have been rumors of Illuminati or aliens since it opened. I remember finding some conspiracy site about it in the late 90s. I have gone through there and there IS Masonic stuff all around there. And some of those murals are a little weird.

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Holy crap, if you’re going to be wearing a shirt with horizontal lines, don’t run yellow text with a thin outline of black over the top of said shirt. I think he conspired to make my eyes angry.

Is he serious? Please tell me he’s not serious.

If he is serious, all I can say is if you wanna see dicks, you’re gonna see dicks. “Let’s take a closer look…”

Right? I wish the secret tunnel crew were the ones working on my street right now. Although, I’m sure once the tunnel was done they killed everyone on the crew to protect the secrecy. That’s why we have potholes all over the damned place. Anyone that knew what they are doing is now dead.

Thank you. I was able to get it to work by jogging the timeline forward a bit. I don’t think I missed anything terribly important, unless he started off with, “Okay, I don’t believe any of this at all, but off we go.”

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I find it kind of frustrating that people keep dragging out this idiotic conspiracy theory when DIA is a masterclass in conspiring against humanity via the implementation of hostile architecture, compulsory commerce and engendered police-state security theater. Arrivals are fine, but departures force you to meander through a giant open-air shopping mall with no seating or relief stations available before security. I don’t know if it’s the design, the culture or both, but I have never encountered such a brutal attitude from the TSA. It was very reminiscent of my time in boot camp and what I thankfully can only assume being checked into prison is like. Horrible place.


So now everyone who read this has to die. Thanks a lot asshole! :wink:


we all die sometime


The shape of that guys head is rather phallic as well. Illuminati confirmed!