Vice principals charged with child abuse after failing to report high school sex assault allegations

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Vice principals have this tendency (one shared with prison wardens) to side with bullies and abusers. They’re usually the biggest promoters of the “zero tolerance” policies that more often end up with victims being punished for defending themselves.


“Why do you want to ruin this Fine Young Man’s life? He’s gonna take us to State next year!”


Fuck them with a fucking cactus. The fact that they are being held to account is a rare occurrence, but might be a useful example for others with similar stone-age attitudes.


I had the exact same thought.


The perp walk may end up saving lives. Both by telling the kids that they have a right to be believed, and as a lesson to other principals/teachers around the country that they can’t ignore assault.


What the actual fuck? I just… I got no words.

Well, looks like they got lots of attention. Can’t feel sorry for them, because they were obviously seeking it.


I was in a situation where I reported someone who was a good acquaintance when his son stated some very troublesome things to me (and my son) in a car ride home following a baseball tournament. I would’ve reported, no matter what, but I was glad to have the mandatory reporting aspect to lean on (I was also, at the time, an officer in my local LL, so while this was not a LL event, I assumed it applied to me).

I don’t know wtf goes through their heads.


As someone who was both bullied and took it to a vice principal, and falsely accused by a teacher and brought in to another vice principal (who literally told me, “I hear you saying you didn’t do it, but just do your punishment and this will all go away”), I not only concur, but want you to know how therapeutic it is to read this. That kid that was me whose life was totally derailed by these authorities thanks you for putting this so clearly and succinctly. And while I was at that school, in different incidents alumni returned, one to hang themself and the other to set fire to one of their offices. The following school year I left the traditional public school system, and (speaking of prison wardens) received on the big screen the only lesson my generation ever got on how to effectively deal with bullies:

Also, whaddaya bet it turns out there were more than three?


I never was affected myself but I heard too many stories like yours over the years after “zero tolerance” was put into effect. A lot of administrators in American public schools used bullies as informal enforcers and “trustys”.

I was only bullied once, in elementary school before those policies existed. It ended quickly when I lost my temper, knocked the bully on his back, pinned him, and almost punched in his nose before a teacher (who knew I was usually pacifistic) broke it up. No consequences for me but plenty for the freaked-out bully. You carry yourself differently after something like that if you’re not punished for it, and no-one ever bullied me again.

No doubt. That’s institutionsalised abuse.


Good. Fuck both of them.


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