Texas school principal arrested after beating girl with bat so badly she had bruises for days—all with her mother's permission

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I’m going to assume the principal meant “INS”, and not that he had some sort of extradition treaty with the International Space Station?

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I suspect ISS means In-School Suspension. If she had extracurricular activities she wanted to participate in, I suspect that suspension would have excluded her from them during the duration.


That’s a man who clearly enjoys beating girls. The school district’s response is horrible:

“There is never an intent to harm students; any administered consequence is in an effort to help students learn, grow and make positive choices. OISD is dedicated to serving and nurturing our students toward academic, social and emotional growth,” the district said in the post.

Overton ISD Superintendent Larry Calhoun said that he stood by this statement when contacted Thursday.

Hogg was booked into the the Rusk County Jail and released the same day.

Edit: Just searched for Overton ISD on Facebook. Disturbing support from the community:


People should remember that some folks get sadistic sexual pleasure from physically assaulting other people.

As long as you target children and call it “discipline” though, people will line up to give you non-consenting minors to indulge yourself with. You can even prop your fetish up as “morality” in fact.


Would the school district be so bland in their position statement if a student saw their friend and classmate with bruises suffered at the principal’s hands and the next day came into school with a gun and shot the principal dead?

Who am I kidding – of course they would. “Great tragedy, could never have been predicted, thoughts and prayers to the next of kin of the deceased, Second Amendment, blah blah blah. Assembly in the gym after lunch to hear powerless platitudes from the superintendant.” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


:thinking: Does the consent mean the parent might face charges, too? IANAL, but encouraging the victim to proceed instead of protecting from further harm is a major part of the problem here.


Texas is Florida with a side-order of sadism.

Scrub that, it’s not a side order, it’s the main course.


His little, ‘Well, I gave her the choice of allowing the assault to continue or, you know, something bad happening to her,’ was uniquely disturbing. So if he makes them ask for the pain he, what, wins? That was Weinstein’s kink too, if I recall. Not just the act itself, but the part where he makes the victim pretend it was the their idea all along.

Sadistic creeper needs to be kept away from children permanently.


Motherfuck this fucking fuck, and all his ilk who would assault the kids in their care.



Was the mom there with the student? If so, that’s a really crappy place for her to be in. The person who’s supposed to protect her and be on her side is letting some middle age man hit her. So not cool.

I was in third grade at a school assembly when the principal came up to me and the kid next to me, told us to come with him. He took us to his office and accused us of whistling during the assembly. We hadn’t done that. He used a paddle on us a couple times. IIRC, it was more of a psychological thing since there were no marks or anything, but it sure left an impression about getting accused, tried and convicted for something I didn’t do. I was ashamed, didn’t tell my parents (neither did the school). Years later, I mentioned it to my dad. He was surprised and angry that they did that. He said he wished I had told him because he would have gone down there and… done something. (Pop was not an aggressive man, but he probably would have at least made the principal apologize.)

I hope so. As a parent, I couldn’t fathom this. I feel for the student.


I was in the Texas educational system in the late 70’s. After receiving a paddling/assault in the 1st grade, I was most grateful to my parents for moving the entire family out of the state rather than raising their children with that sort of threat.

Of course they still deemed it ok to spank us.

It’s never ok to hit a kid. It’s even worse when you extort the kids permission to ease your own conscience (if you even have one).


Sounds like the parent’s consent was at least partially coerced by the principal’s threat of other punishment, so that may muddy the legal waters a bit as far as the parent is concerned. Totally fucked up either way.


Florida has corporal punishment in public schools, too. :grimacing:


Correct. It’s an alternative to a full suspension where the child is sent home for x number of days. Instead, they serve their suspension in school, reporting to a special room and spending the whole day there during their suspension. They get their assignments and other class materials brought to them from their regular classes so they don’t fall behind as much academically as they would had they been sent home. I suppose it’s better than a full suspension, but I doubt there’s any evidence that it’s actually effective as a punishment. Maybe there is, though. It’s certainly better than corporal punishment, which we know is ineffective and actually does harm, even where it doesn’t leave bruises.

It should also be noted that while it’s good that many states ban corporal punishment by schools, corporal punishment by parents is still legal in all 50 states. This in spite of the fact that there is near 100% consensus among doctors, psychologists, and child rearing experts that there is no benefit and clear harm to the practice.


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The word is secede, and if you mean that the South should have won the Civil War then slavery would have continued.


Please remember that there are good people and bad people in every state of the union, and stereotyping one set of states as the baddest is sloppy thinking.


How would that possibly have prevented or improved upon this situation?