Texas school principal arrested after beating girl with bat so badly she had bruises for days—all with her mother's permission

I remember being a middle schooler in Texas and being (only) threatened with violence from the principal. Seemed insane to my 12yo brain then, and but really pissed they made my cute classmate crush cry.


In my school parents had to give permission for teachers and principals to use “the paddle”. I didn’t realize until years later that my parents never gave that permission. The only reason I thought they had was because on a few occasions teachers told me they could and would if I stepped out of line again. Of course it never should have even been an option for any child.

I wish I’d known at the time that those teachers were lying to me. It would have helped me develop a healthy suspicion of authority figures even sooner.


“The euphemizing of violence as discipline sublimates the grim reality of what they’re doing to children. The whole “groomer” nonsense about gays and trans people is projection from the same people who generated these maps”

Times a thousand. Parents can’t consent to live saving treatments for their kids- but can to assaulting them with a deadly weapon.


When I was in grade school, one of the nuns did similar to me as this girl without parental consent. I went to public school after that - along with the rest of my brothers & sisters.


[ * ] special room formerly known as the library (at least in Houston schools) :roll_eyes:


It was not the library where I went to school, because regular classes and students were always in the library and they wanted the ISS kids isolated.


i attended public schools in texass 60s and 70s. rural, rustic and rusted. had more than my share of run-ins that ended in paddlings, detention and suspension. back then, the library was not the culture war battle zone it is today and was.for studies only.
my reference - specific to Houston public schools and the idiot texass republicans of today - is this:

h/t @mr_raccoon for the link.


Jesus. So they’re basically on their way to making public schools into youth prisons.

ETA: My aunt is a retired librarian in Spring, Texas. If she weren’t in the middle of some pretty serious health issues, I’d ask her opinion on this. I’m sure she’s horrified. The more I think about this, the angrier I’m getting.


Well, yeah… a well rounded education is only for the elites, not for the riff-raff! /s


I doubt they want it even for the elites. The anti-intellectualism and hate of learning and of freedom of thought runs deep and hot in these people.


No they clearly do… as long as they’re are rich, white, straight, cisgendered, Christian, and male, they should get an excellent liberal arts education - because that what replicates our society. They firmly believe in it for their own folks, but not for the working classes, or POC, or women… The fact that they went after programs like affirmative action at elite unis shows that, I’d argue. Just look at their actions and who is carrying out their message - they are almost all byproducts of the elite university system.


Are they trying to move the Overton Window?


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