✌ Victory! ✌

So palm oil?

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Palm, almond, olive, castor, etc. Depends on the product. The palm stuff is supposed to be sustainably sourced with Rainforest Alliance certification. But I couldn’t tell you in real terms of that means no orangutans died for it.

Interestingly after working to make vegan GMO free soaps, I’m going to a job fair to give my resume to Monsanto, Dow, etc. I owe a brand new Toyota Camry in student loans. Not as much as others, but I’m not terribly picky about who I work for if it means I can get a job that lets me pay things down in a couple of years of frugal living.

@d_r Page isn’t loading on my phone. I’ll have to take a look at it later.

I’m not yet quite so learned about soaps as I’d like to be. I wouldn’t know whats wrong with a relatively short chain amine oxide, for instance. I’d imagine that’s pretty cheap but I’m not sure how free-rinsing it is. I want to say it wouldn’t hurt the vinyl, but I haven’t really had a chance to think about it. It’s interesting to consider at any rate.


Hey I work in a abbatior so no stones from the glasshouse just curious.


Victory! I managed to ride my motorcycle today for the first time “post op” & that was a looooong 55 days.

:motorcycle: :tada:


Sweet! I remember that first ride back for me, exhilarating and comforting like nothing else. Stay safe so there’s lots more!


Not that interesting, just a classification of different kinds of surfactants with practical advantages/disadvantages of each.

If you’re stockpiling questions to ask during your interview, you could ask about the history of soap, which is interesting: despite its simplicity, the Romans and Greeks did not have soap as we know it, nor did the Chinese; it seems to be an invention of Celtic and Germanic tribes. The first person who figured out how to saponify non-animal fats might be a recent person known by a vegan soapmaker.


You’re talking to someone who keeps a copy of Pocket Ref in his backpack. Tables and tables of everything including group names (did you know a group of caterpillars is an “army”?) and adhesives, but nothing on detergents. Now that I can pull it up, it’s worth bookmarking.

That was not stuff I already knew. Interesting!


I don’t, but probably should. I regularly have arguments with people who believe that you don’t need “higher math” (by which they mean algebra and trigonometry) for trades jobs, and of course the Pocket Ref provides clear evidence that that is horsepucky.

[quote=“ActionAbe, post:509, topic:71196”]
Now that I can pull it up, it’s worth bookmarking.[/quote]
Unfortunately, it told me the thing I’d hoped to do wouldn’t work. Many anti-mold products are pure “quat” surfactants, and I was hoping that a few drops of this in my record-cleaning solution would both be useful for mold (on Goodwill finds) and the cationic properties would make the result anti-static. Unfortunately, according to that web page mixing such a detergent with an anionic detergent like Liquinox renders both “completely ineffective”. Nuts.


Who the hell are these people? Have they ever even interviewed for a union apprenticeship? The panel won’t waste any of their time if it’s clear you don’t possess at least basic algebra and trig skills.


University faculty and administrators. Evidently, since you don’t need trig for (insert your favorite non-STEM subject here) you don’t need it for “lesser” jobs like framing or welding. This stuff makes me crazy.


Heh. I never learned Thale’s theorem in school at any level. I learned it during my pursuits in amateur carpentry. I pulled it out during a calc II exam where it came in surprisingly helpful. I wish I could remember the problem now, I got a good grade on that one.


Semi-victory! I succesfully arrived in Dallas and met the new co-workers at a BBQ. They’re awesome peeps, and I already have a libertarian helping me take over the planet! Mu-wah-ha-ha-ha.

Also: Holy crap it’s hot here!


You moved to Texas?!


Yeah. I’m a midwesterner at heart but there are some family things to help with, and I managed to wrangle a job offer that is all kinds of awesome. So it’s made of win.

Except for being in Texas. But I’ll persevere!


You’re braver than I!


Or a masochist. That may be a factor.

It’s not THAT bad here in Dallas though, and I’m in Los Colinas which is a pretty decent neighborhood.

And I’m a white male, so there’s that (it is SOOO sad that I have to appreciate the fact that I’m a white male! WTF world???)

It actually looks like it’s going to work out for the best though. I’ve been working on my wife’s legacy for years and suddenly it’s all coming together, and today I got an unexpectedly enthusiastic ally that has some contacts that are going to be very useful.

And her legacy’s really all I care about, so I’d go to Antarctica if that’s what it takes to make her proud.


Yea, that’s kinda like “one less thing to worry about”. Only Farr too many are oblivious.

Where “one” equates to, well you know, A LOT. I have developed, what equates to, an “irrational fear” of .gov/.mil authority… but to have that fear/“be made aware” of that type of - [i can’t think of the right word] - … and, worst of all, for those reasons? That’s some fucked up shit right there.


As someone with a B.A. and B.S. who has decided to go into metal fabrication: those fucking people can fuck the fuck off.


:joy: lol, my dyslexia kicked in and I first read that as:


It’s a fine arts B.A. so that’s pretty much accurate.