Video: 10 bets you will always win


What world does this person live in where you can be sitting at a pub, casually pull out 12 pieces of equipment and say “oy, I bet I can do this random thing,” and they go right ahead and say “never! I bet you a fiver you can’t!


You don’t take Oreos and toothpaste with you when you go to the pub? What’s the problem? Not good enough for you?

And I always wondered why they suggest them as “bar bets”. A bar seems the least likely place to prevail should someone call shenanigans on your spurious bets. “I bet I can remove a fiver from this bloke’s pocket using only the edge of the table and this empty beer bottle!”




“10 bets that will alienate your friends and get your ass kicked”

This is the one that I used to do: bet I can put this dime in a glass without touching it…

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