Video about differences between visiting North Korea and South Korea


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Video about differences between visiting North Korea and South Korea

You need a video for that?


I think that’s for the people who thought the Fyre Festival was going to be a great music festival and worth spending thousands for hahaha

But seriously, some people are really that freaking clueless


Where did you find out about North Korea? By watching videos, maybe? Reading books? Did you need those media to find out? Are you some kind of slacker? Why didn’t you just know?


Isn’t the usual transliteration “Pyongyang”?


My doctor has told me not to think about such things. —David Lynch


The difference is like night and day.


I liked it. Made things relatable. Maybe could have used more sequences about NK.


FWIW… The movie that made south korea most relatable to me as a westerner is this obscure little rom-com-action flick called Spy Girl. I’ve watched a ton of much better south korean movies, before and after seeing Spy Girl, but this one weird little fluffy movie was oddly the most relatable to my experience. Its about North Korea sending a spy to the south and comic hijinx ensue. English translations of some idioms are poor, but do not ruin the story.


Abbreviated summary.


That sounds really interesting!

The only Korean movies I’ve seen are “The Mother” and “The Host,” which were extraordinarily grim, so fluff would be a welcome change.


South korean comedies almost always turn maudlin by the end. Its just their local variation on the genre. But I don’t remember Spy Girl suffering too badly from it (its been 10+ years since I saw it). On that youtube page there are a bunch of other south korean rom-coms from the same era. If you just want fun south korean films, Sex is Zero (raunchier than American Pie) and Attack the Gas Station are two classics, both of them better than Spy Girl.

PS, Mother is kind of a sequel to Bong’s excellent Memories of Murder. Which a lot of people think inspired Fincher’s Zodiac.


You thought The Host was extraordinarily grim? It’s got all kinds of goofy humor in it! I thought it was pretty fun.

But if you didn’t go for that, do not—repeat: do not—watch Park Chan-wook’s vengeance trilogy. (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Lady Vengeance, and Old Boy.)


72 years.


You could also argue that it wasn’t a country during the period of Japanese annexation.


In my more than a decade of following BoingBoing I’ve rarely seen a choice so shallow, that boils down to ‘South guys with big buildings nice, North guys with big portraits bad’. I went through the whole thing waiting for something interesting, but…

Come on! Choose interesting things, weirder, critique, analysis, something that doesn’t look like propaganda. There must be something interesting (most probably not nice) about the difference between a secretive totalitarian quasi-theocratic regime and their free to vote brethren.


Yeah, the goofy humour was fun and all, but all that got erased by the fate of one particular character. Leaving aside the fairly blatant misogyny, the emotional whiplash was a bit too much, and isn’t really comparable to the Vengeance Trilogy. To my mind, at least.

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