Video: Beautiful music from six hands on one guitar


Once again, it’s a good thing we have an animated .gif - a SILENT animated .gif - so we can see what this music looks like without the music. Has anybody at BB ever explained why they started this rather bizarre custom?


Why does everything have to be viral marketing? It pisses all over what could have been a nice video. I’m completely distracted from the actual video by the fact that it is an ad for a camera.


How would we know it’s real if we don’t monetize it?


I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised to find that these sisters pitched this video to GoPro to increase their exposure via GoPro’s Youtube channel. It’s all about cross-channel branding and monetization these days.

That aside, I liked the “lots of people on one guitar” thing better when Walk Off The Earth did it with 5 people:


Yep. This is a fantastic video. One of the best versions of this song.

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