Video: camera on train tracks


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I suppose it’s a bit distorted given the lens, but the amount of sag in the railroad tie surprised me.


That was awesome/terrifying/fascinating.

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It’s amazing the amount of viral success the GoPro has had.

You could do this with any camera in the world. But saying it was done with a GoPro immediately makes it feel more “extreme.”

(Also, it doesn’t hurt that GoPro will buy videos off people with thousands of views, so making sure to specify it’s a GoPro may make you money.)

So this isn’t extreme? It makes me want to drink some Mt. Dew. That’s pretty extreme.


It would be extreme if it was mounted on somebody’s helmet/chest/etc at the time.


Holy shit!


I found myself fixating on the crack in the tie.

What makes you think it wasn’t?

Sadly, I bet a federal law was broken and the dude who planted the camera will get 10 years if caught–because freedom!

It’s 2001 already. In the other sense of already.

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