Weird video of "ghost train" pulling into China railway station


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It is the train for all the bigfoots in China.


Neat, the CCTV camera has audio as well.



I saw Elvis get off that train, so that’s where he’s been hanging out.


“Let’s see that again”

I am glad there is a replay. I almost missed it.


Please don’t waste our time with this nonsense. Any kid with iMovie could re-create this.


My guess would be that this was shot through a piece of glass aligned is such a way that the reflection of the train on another track is super-imposed over the image of the empty track seen through the glass.


In Mongolia? If you were Elvis would you live in Mongolia? Even Genghis Khan doesn’t live there any more!


My guess is that the sensor in the camera is old and has deteriorated. It has the image of the fixed infrastructure so “burned in” from staring at it completely unmoved for years, that the any moving objects barely register above that background image.

(Related matter: Is there a law that says that security cameras must only produce low contrast, blurry and grainy black and white images?)


That is my thought. It may not even be staged. We have a train station like that where i live and if you are on the upper concourse there is a piece of glass there so you can’t drop things on the train. You can see other reflections in the background. No need for Scooby and the gang.


I do service in a lot of banks, and always ask them if I can have a dash camera that records in 1080P, why do all the bank hold up videos look like they are from 1950. I also don’t think that is a security camera but rather a handheld camera that someone just saw a cool shot.


If this was on actual TAPE, then it is a fairly well known issue where the image of the previous thing recorded is showing up partly, due to the tape wearing out.


I thought the plural should be bigfeet?


Decades ago a place I worked used to use a 3-tube camera (rescued from a broadcast-station’s trash-skip) as a camera to monitor an entrance lobby.

The camera started in our use with an image of trees burned in, but after a year of being “on” our room was pretty burned in as well. It was fun to watch people come in and look at the directory board, which you could still see through the people, as if they were transparent.


Doesn’t show up that steadily, though. My money is still on sensor burn.


No way that’s hand-held. It is a fixed camera. Maybe for train control, rather than security, but it is rock steady.


Even China’s ghosts have better infrastructure than us.


Clearly coming back from Granny’s house…


There appears to be a person right there on the platform in the station, you can see their legs. Their lack of alarm suggests this appearance of a ghost train is a perfectly normal occurrence and in no way “weird.”