Video charts women’s ideal body types throughout history


“Ok, well that happened…”

I am curious what that phrase is intended to convey. it reminds me of my favorite Buddhist/xckd quotes “So, it has all come to this,”


I read its intention as, “Wow, that comment is a mess. Think I’ll let someone else sort it out.”


Definitely not size 16 as size 16 exists in the stores today. Tossing in Jane Russell as another 50’s icon, also not size 16.


My general theory is that beauty standards have a tendency to inversely reflect the physical and economic health of that society.

When the majority of people needed to work outside, pale skin was considered more attractive.
When the jobs moved indoors to factories and offices, we decided that a good tan was more attractive.

In the middle ages, when work was hard and food could be scarce, we preferred plump women.
In the 40’s and 50’s when we had good affordable food, automation was making work easier but not less scarce, and we saw a bright future, we preferred healthy looking women.
In an era of sedentary lifestyles and rampant obesity, we prefer skinny women.

The way I figure it, we have this evolutionary drive to identify risks to the gene pool and then subconsciously select those people we see as most likely to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction.

Just my personal pet theory.


Didn’t know where to begin.


The book Why Women Need Fat explains that the small waist to hip ratio is a good predictor of whether a first time mother is able to birth a child without dying.

Interestingly, women after the first birth tend to gain weight on thighs and waist and this predicts their ability to further birth successfully. So love that extra poundage you gained after the first baby.


Yeah, same here. I considered jumping in with something about “ugly” versus “conventionally unattractive,” but, meh.


I think that it’s the elite who are considered the ideal…they can afford to do the opposite of the norm in every age.


Ah, the call of my people. Design nerds unite!

Obligatory nitpicking and accuracy doubts aside, I though this was a cute, well produced video with an interesting message. Kudos! I had no idea Buzzfeed was creating things now.


“Ladies! stop obsessing about body shape! You are beautiful as you are. Provided, of course, you look like a professional model, as pictured. Be sure to be young too.”


Just make sure your UPS is sufficiently U.

Also: hey, baby, do those gigaflops go all the way up?


You know what would make their day? Hearing you tell them you want to have sex with them! Other women want to hear that, too – that you want to have sex with specific women. So shout it out: sound your horndog-yawp over the roofs of the world!


Would you prefer he did it grumpily?


“Just so you know, I’m not enjoying this.”


We can dance around it, but this is a conversation about sex.

The least attractive thing I know about these ladies - in fact, the only thing other than how they look, which was the point - is that they participated in a Buzzfeed production.

I’m already feeling grumpier…


Ideal or perhaps stereotypical of the era? Or style of the era?

I guarantee you a significant portion weren’t suddenly attracted to the no-butt, no-boob flapper look. Nor did a significant portion of women in the 20s suddenly loose those features.


Is ‘ideal female shape’ really analogous to ‘attractive to heterosexual males’? Some comments seem to suggest so.


Well speaking as a mostly heterosexual male, I can say yep, other than the heroin chic look I was kinda well that’s very nice to look at. I was quite surprised to see some very curvy women there. If I were to base solely on the looks in the video, well yeah I don’t think I would kick them out of bed but that does not mean I really would feel that way outside of fantasy world in my head if presented with it in reality.


In the context of “what was considered a beautiful female body shape in such and such cultures and time periods”, isn’t that pretty much how women’s appearances have been judged? Reflecting the choices of heterosexual males?

Serious question, now I’m wondering about actual female-chosen, patriarchy-dodging female beauty standards thorough history.


“Yup, I’d happily have sex with all of those women!”*