The history of women’s swimsuits in one video

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Wait, no thongs? Were the 80’s obliterated from popular culture?


Really, Buzzfeed? Is “everywhere” a very hard word to spell? I know it’s three syllables, but still…

i very much enjoyed that this video used “real” women, with real sizes. Diverse and informative, not the 'fashion show drivel" with photoshopped anorexic teenagers.


What, are anorexic teenagers fake? Androids, maybe? All women are real.

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Yeah, I wondered about the 80s gap as well.

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I am not entirely sure that people 30 years from now will agree that we have reached the end of swimsuit history in our time.

Ummm… what about the string bikini? What about the thong? What about the 80’s? This is cute, but not very accurate.

No need for swimsuits. :wink:

photoshopped swimsuit models. happier?

not androids, that would be our new robot overlords, who we welcome

Urrrgh these “history of X” videos. So many. They must do well.

That might be the 19A0s you are thinking of.

Thanks for the reminder! I have been completely neglecting to wear stockings with my bathing suits for a while now.


The 19A0s were a great decade… too bad someone had to delete it. But you know… pyramids.


Not so much a decade as it was a decode.

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