Watch: 100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes


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More is less? Do my senses deceive me, or is there a man who actually likes women in scanty lingerie? How can that be?


I think it’s not the state of dress that counts, but the direction events are moving in.


The description for 1995 should be “Fucking complicated.” It’s gotta take all damn day to get into that thing!


While that was all somewhat and equally attractive and arousing to me :smiley: - I am now left wondering - what is it that makes lingerie different from underwear now? Or was there ever a difference? Or does it matter?

I’m going to just keep with the assumption figured when I was a pre-teen:
Lingerie = Underwear + sexy pose.


Among the weakest of the 100 years of x in n minutes. But thanks for making boingboing more like buzzfeed.


as Dorothy Parker said, “Brevity is the soul of lingerie”


More evidence to support that I was born in the wrong decade.


Bra-burning in 1965? :information_desk_person:


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